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3-Day Sunshine Sale!


 Serious celebration going on here! Because our forecast is showing a week of sun icons. A week!

After one of the rainiest seasons ever, it’s time to catch some rays. At the beach, if possible.

And that means reading. So delightful, that time in a hammock or porch swing or recliner. Nothing  better than a lazy afternoon with a good book.

This calls for a sale: $1.99! If you haven’t read Darcy By Any Other Name and would like to, now’s your chance to get a great deal.

Darcy By Any Other Name

I’m posting this image just because. I kind of can’t believe it’s true!


Laura Hile (1)

3 thoughts on “3-Day Sunshine Sale!

  1. I have read it already and so enjoyed it. I do hope others take advantage of this sale…a book well worth reading. Loved how “Darcy” shown thru his new “shell”.

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