Today’s the Day!

It’s time to reveal the cover for So Rough a Course.

And it’s a beauty.

I have been wanting to share it with you for the longest time. Ha, for “many moons”…

Like a scene out of a movie, Admiral McGillvary and Elizabeth Elliot encounter one another in the moonlit garden at Chalfort House.

You will notice that they are not looking particularly pleased with one another …

But oh, the beauty of that moon!

I am releasing all three Mercy’s Embrace books as indies. The eBook edition of So Rough a Course should be available December 9th, with the print book to follow.

New indie covers, new indie prices … good news for everyone!

I won’t steal Claudine’s thunder at Just Jane 1813. Stop by and see my wondrous new cover for yourself.

While you’re there, why not post a comment to enter the eBook giveaway?

You know you want this eBook. You do.

And how about this? The only Super Moon of 2017 comes just as I reveal this cover!

14 thoughts on “Today’s the Day!

  1. Oh dear, dear. I’ve just been over at the cover reveal blog, and I have fallen in love with McGillvary all over again.
    Will the print book be available in time for a Christmas present? I rarely buy print books these days as e-books are both cheaper and more convenient, but this beautiful picture makes me long to gaze at it in reality, and an unfortunate feature of the e-book (especially as I use the Kindle app on smart devices with smaller screen) is that you can’t really enjoy the cover picture.

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    1. Agnes, I’m hoping the print book will be available in time for Christmas.

      At this point, everything has been finalized, and I am waiting for the designer to send the artwork — Monday? Then I will load everything. The time-consuming part is waiting for the Proof to arrive. I like to look over a physical copy before approving it.

      I have to tell you, there are two more glorious covers with McGillvary. You’ll have a sigh fest, just as I have had.

      Thank you, sincerely, for your interest and support.


      1. How long before the other volumes are going to be published? I understand you undertook the whole retyping of the text – how much have you managed to do so far? I’m thinking this must be what determines the timing…

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        1. Hi, Agnes …

          I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you. Wow, this book launch thing takes time!

          At this point, So Rough a Course (eBook edition) will launch on December 8th. The print edition will be available a week or two after that. Right now I am waiting for final cover art to be sent to me. That could be tomorrow evening, which means I can get the print ball rolling. I like to have a physical proof copy to look over before I authorize publication.

          The eBook edition of So Lively a Chase could be out by mid-December, depending. And The Lady Must Decide won’t be out until sometime in January — because I am still working on that new epilogue ending.

          This is probably not very helpful to you, but it’s the way things look at the moment.


          1. Why, of course it’s helpful! I was worried that you have yet to do the typing for the remaining volumes which would not allow the publishing for many months yet… And a new epilogue? Sounds wonderful! (Although I have to admit this will be the first time for me to read the published version, so there will be a lot of new material in it for me 🙂 )
            I hope the proof copy will be OK – I’m sore it’s very hard work to edit and proofread and mistakes might always slip through.
            Supermoon was cloudy all the time here,I only spotted the huge moon (already beginning to wane) this morning.
            Good luck with publishing!

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            1. Many pairs of eyes have gone over these manuscripts, but typos are tricksy beasts. There will always be a few, lurking. The great part about being indie is that I will find them, and then I will fix them.

              I have a release date for the eBook edition of So Lively a Chase — December 16th. Hooray!

              The final volume, The Lady Must Decide, will be out in early January.


              1. Well, Agnes … we’ve run into a snarl with transfer of copyright from my former publisher. The eBook editions will be released on time with no impact — save for the fact that the older reviews won’t transfer (yet) — but the print books will be delayed until after the first of the year.

                Sorry about that.


    1. Sheila, if you don’t win an eBook, you might want to wait for all of them to be out before you begin. Yes, much better, because they’re in the same dash-along style as Darcy By Any Other Name.

      January, maybe?


    1. Thank you, Robin.

      It’s a big investment, having those covers made. But there comes a time when you take a deep breath and step out to the edge of the cliff. Expense is a risk, but it’s also a vote of confidence in myself and in my product.

      Financial risk brings motivation to write and publish a new novel. Good news for everyone!


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