Mercy’s Embrace launches!

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“3 …2 …1 … We have ignition.”

Mercy’s Embrace: So Rough a Course is now LIVE at Amazon.

Woo-hoo! Time to celebrate!

Claudine is hosting a “Launch Day” eBook giveaway at Just Jane 1813You’ll want to check that out.

And if you’d like to buy, thank you!

Here is the purchase link at Amazon

As far as the print book release dates, well …  I have just this morning learned the discouraging news. It will be a while.

We are ready to go on this end, but there has been a snarl with the copyright transfer. I probably will not see the situation resolved before the New Year.

My apologies! There will be no Mercy’s Embrace paperbacks for Santa to deliver this Christmas!

However, the eBook editions are unencumbered. Like Rudolph did for Santa, Kindle can bring the storytelling joy of Mercy’s Embrace right to your home fireside.


12 thoughts on “Mercy’s Embrace launches!

  1. Wonderful news, Laura! What a beautiful cover! I can’t wait to reread your Mercy’s Embrace series, especially since I know you made some changes to the original. 🙂

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  2. It was so lovely to finally read this – as I said, the first time since the long ago first online version ! So heartwarming and so funny… Mr. Yee is my favourite, as he helps Elizabeth along and gives her a chance to grow into gentility in its true form. Well, along with her experiences with Patrick, of course. And I enjoyed Patrick’s inside thoughts about Elizabeth, a termagant and a darling. How I loved that moment when he recognized this! And Elizabeth’s thoughts of being the prodigal daughter who has to kiss pigs…

    I appreciate the aspect that the Bible of Elizabeth’s mother keeps turning up and is opened again and again, with more and more receptiveness from Elizabeth, yet not at all intrusive towards the reader.
    And I managed to be the first reviewer on Amazon, hooray!


    1. Just a thought: I think the title would be more logical in this order: Mercy’s Embrace: Elizabeth Elliot’s Story Book 1: So Rough a Course
      or perhaps even better: Mercy’s Embrace Book 1: So Rough a Course – Elizabeth Elliot’s story
      After all, So Rough a Course is Book 1 of Mercy’s Embrace the trilogy.

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      1. Thanks, Agnes. I think you’re right; I’ll see what I can do. The last few days have been a blur! I do stuff, and then I forget. And other stuff that I should do, I don’t. And then I sit here trying to remember the stuff that I forgot … Ha.

        I’m not sure how much I will be able to monkey with the title. I’d like to ditch “Elizabeth Elliot’s Story,” but my pubisher added that, thinking that it would be a selling point.

        How were we to know that it wouldn’t be? It’s the subtitle, so Amazon’s software automatically tacks it on at the end. :/


    2. Bless you, Agnes, for reviewing on Amazon. It could be a while before the older reviews carry over (if at all). Mercy’s Embrace has always had to make its way through word of mouth, and your review has been so very helpful.

      Next week, we do it all again with So Lively a Chase. These books are all really good, but Chase is everybody’s favorite. Because … well, you’ll see.

      Off to church for me. Thanks again for your support and encouragement!


      1. Actually, I was somewhat surprised that you did not have ARC reviewers with reviews ready to post as the book is published. I saw some other writers do it (send out ARC copies in a limited number to friends who are willing to review with the request that they write a review by the publishing date).
        Also, do you want to put up a notification at DWG about the books being republished? If you don’t have the time, I still visit the site regularly and I can make the announcement on your behalf. (Not that I want to put myself forward but it’s no trouble for me and I sense that you are anxious to spread the word).
        Do you have a guarantee that the older version’s reviews carry through to the new issue? I’m not sure. With another writer’s book, I rewrote my review for the earlier version when a book was reissued.
        Bless you too on this beautiful Advent Sunday!

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        1. Hi Agnes,

          It is my understanding that until the copyright tangle is resolved — to be fair, my publisher thought this was a done deal — no Amazon reviews will move over to the indie editions. The gal I spoke from Amazon with was supportive. We will get this worked through.

          Even if the old reviews don’t transfer, I’m okay with it. Mercy’s Embrace has always made its way, thanks to word-of-mouth from readers and bloggers. 🙂

          As to coordinating a release (with ARC copies and all), I am frankly not in a place to run something like during the school year. Mercy’s is being released now due to momentum generated by A Very Austen Christmas, not because of a wise plan on my part. 🙂 Ha, I simply threw up my hands and decided that this was the time. “Do it scared” has been my motto. Along with, you know, “Do or die.”

          As to book blog reviews, those are in the works. Book blogging friends are eager to review, — or better yet, to post their original reviews with the new covers and run a giveaway — but I am skittish about making demands as to when. Mercy’s involves a big time commitment, since the book blogger has to read all three. Also, I like each reviewer to have the spotlight on social media.

          I learned with Darcy By Any Other Name that it works better for me to have a long promotional burn over six to eight months, where reviews come one or two per month, instead of the blog tour blast.

          And if you would like to post a notice at DWG, thank you! That would be great! Thank you! It has been many years since I was “Laura Louise” there.


          1. Hi Laura,

            On the contrary, Christmas is just the time for a nice book to be released – from a reader’s POV. At least, I’m simply delighted to have the expectation of it added to the usual Advent cheer, helping count down the days towards Christmas. I’m sorry that it’s busy and stressful for you – I’m hoping it also has its rewards!
            I can see your point that your expected readership is better reached at JA/JAFF blogs than Amazon reviews that can only accomplish so much.
            Is it possible to contact you by e-mail?

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            1. This season is more busy than stressful — lots to do. I am a “kill your snakes one at a time” kind of a girl — which translates “do NOT look closely at my housekeeping these days!” 🙂 Now I’m off to spend the day with students, and then tonight will be ironing choir shirts for the high school guys. Concert’s on Thursday night, so everyone’s excited.

              Here’s my e-mail address: Laura AT


  3. I love the cover… sorry about that copyright issue…dang legalities can muck up the process. You’ll get it worked out. Besides, everyone can then use those Amazon gift cards they will get for Christmas. Woohoo!! Blessings on the launch.

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    1. JW, lovely to see you here. You are right, we will get the legal steps worked out. I should be stressing about it, but I’m not. And to be fair, my publisher thought everything had been done. Most of my sales are the eBook editions anyway. So, onward we go, ready or not.

      Conventional wisdom says that Christmas isn’t a great time to release new books — in fact, it’s downright awful. Well, we’re doing it anyway. Thanks for your support and kind encouragement. It means a lot.

      FYI, Claudine says she is at 60% in Book 2 and is already chomping at the bit for Book 3. The week after Christmas for that release? You make a good point about Amazon gift cards …


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