This is SO my house

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Look what I found on Facebook! Isn’t this the best?

It is SO my house.

I live with four grown men, working men. Housekeeping? Well … you get the picture.

Add in three more teaching days with middle schoolers.

Along with promotion of our Christmas anthology, as well as two (soon to be three) simultaneous eBook releases of my own.

And Christmas?  Only one week away?
(insert maniacal laughter)

But no cat puke — that’s a plus.

And no wine. Heck, if I had any on hand, I’d have already drunk it!

Coffee I have. And maybe a Christmas cookie or two.

So come on by, you’re welcome anytime. I’ll even clear a spot for you on the sofa.

7 thoughts on “This is SO my house

    1. Much too true.

      On the sofa next to me is my wadded up fuzzy blanket, waiting here for I don’t know what. And my purse, plunked down on top. And the coat I just sluffed off. I should put everything away, and yet here I am on the Internet … again. 😀

      Merry Christmas, Carol!


    1. On my bio page here, I mention that I’d like to have a cat — I love cats! — but I’m too busy for one. Well, part of that is not wanting to clean up after kitty. 😀


  1. That chart is absolutely right on the money. I used to watch all of those HGTV shows (you know the ones I mean), and I always wondered where they put their stuff. Bathrooms with no cabinets. Where do they put the half-used tubes of toothpaste and partial cans of hairspray? Bedrooms with no dressers. Where does the underwear go? What about their socks? And those panties that aren’t quite good enough to wear out (well, you might be in an accident, you know?), but might make the rotation for Saturday yard work?

    I have finally come to the realization that if I can live in this mess all the time, visitors can live in it for an hour or two at a time. Or not. It’s up to them.

    The advantages of being old.

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  2. Old-er. We are old-er, you and I, and wiser too!

    It’s clutter, and that’s the way of it. Rents have become prohibitive in our area, so for the time being our unmarried, working-a-job-while-buildiing-a-business sons are living with us. And a family friend, who will be transitioning into his own place soon.

    I choose people over the spotless house, always.

    Blessings to you, Gayle. Merry (and Messy) Christmas!

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