Oh, the wondrous cover!

Being indie is all about choices. We have control over the interior format, the content, and most especially, the cover.

Oh, the wondrous cover!  I submitted A Very Austen Christmas to Joel Friedlander, who runs The Cover Designer’s e-Book Cover Design Awards. Yesterday the November, 2017, lineup came out and guess what? He liked it!

As I mention in my submission, the title is amazing. Our cover looks good in any size. Robin Helm puts it this way: “You can read it from Mars.”

The times, they are a-changing, and we indie authors must be adaptable. For instance, most of the anthologies I looked at — even brand-new releases from traditional publishers — were crowded with author names. (The more popular the author, the larger the name, ha!) Even to the point of obscuring the artwork, which is kind of sad.

The name-heavy style used to be appropriate for a print book — like, fifteen years ago — but books are not displayed on a book table anymore. They’re on-line as thumbnails. Who cares if my name is large? I sure don’t. I want you to see the title and the beautiful artwork.  A Very Austen Christmas delivers as a true eBook cover.

Our next anthology will have a springtime-romance / Valentine’s theme (2019). Gayle Mills is now recovered enough to write, and we are planning to add two guest authors to this one.

4 thoughts on “Oh, the wondrous cover!

    1. Hi, JW,

      Our ancient modem — ten years old! — has finally bit the dust. On a holiday weekend we need a service call, ha. So I am creeping over to school to check my Internet. Happy holiday weekend!


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