Understanding Elizabeth’s 3-Day FREE Spree!

Image is link to Amazon

Friend, are you snowbound?

Huddled by the heater, in need of a lovely Pride and Prejudice romance to keep you company?

Or are you in southern climes? Parked on a beach with your Kindle, looking for fictional companionship? AKA, Mr. Darcy?

Here is your chance to snag the Kindle edition of Understanding Elizabeth for free.

And there’s more …

Image is link to Queens of Medieval Romance

Check this out, Robin is featured at The Queens of Medieval Romance Facebook group today. Regency Romance isn’t exactly medieval, but do we mind? Heck no! Our man Darcy can hold his own against any swashbuckling knight or highland warrior.

But this is not the first time our Robin has been crowned Queen. She has several tiaras in her arsenal from days of yore in pageants.

Not that she wears them to Walmart or anything …

She won’t even wear this one for a photo, ha.

Anyway, don’t miss your chance to get Understanding Elizabeth, if you haven’t already.

Understanding Elizabeth at Amazon

This early in the day she has already snagged the #1 spot in British Historical Literature, free.

Go, Robin, go! We’re rooting for you!

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