Of Mice and Young Men

I came across this older article at Jane Started It — and because I think you will enjoy it, I’m sharing it here too.

Want something done? Put your tech sons on it. It turns out my guys can do way more than set up Chromecast and Netflix. They can solve a mouse problem. Like, for real.

Amazon Prime to the rescue! Before I could get to the store or even ponder available options, Nathan had already been on-line. “I’ve ordered a trap,” he announced Friday. “It’ll be here in two days.” Sure enough, when we got home from church this afternoon, a package was on the front mat.

Tell you what, young men don’t mess around. Nathan read reviews and chose a trap that works by electrocution. You know, like an electric chair or something. (“Mom, I don’t want to torture them.”) Plus, one trap can be used, like, 100+ times. Mice, like rabbits, are not solo for long, not when food is involved.

A critical caveat: Do NOT delegate rodent removal to high schoolers. That is, unless you are prepared for outrageous male ‘seek-and-destroy’ antics. To illustrate: Nathan’s friend Tyler once had a sleepover with all the high school pals. Video games! Awesome snacks! No sleep! During the middle of the night, a rodent showed up.

Zap! One and done.
Zap! “Never touch a dead mouse again.”

That’s right, an opossum came slinking in through Tyler’s cat door. In the kitchen he was, crunching dry cat food. Nathan said he couldn’t believe his eyes. Did he keep this news to himself? Not on your life.

Can you imagine the bedlam? The broom was involved, and manly yelling, and laughing, and chasing. Nathan’s friend ran to his closet to get his souvenir katana (Japanese samurai sword). Seriously. When I heard about this, I almost felt sorry for the opossum. (Almost. I hate-hate-hate opossums.)

Tonight Michael and Nathan will arm the trap. Peanut butter and four AA batteries should do the trick. A little green light will flash, indicating a kill. (I know, ew.)

My solution for our mouse problem would be more prosaic and less humane: I’d borrow Ben and Jessica’s Domino for a weekend, ha.

But does sweet Domino know how to hunt mice? Guess I’ll never know. (Photo: Ben Lyons)

Because there’s usually a solution involving a cat, right? Just saying.


Mouse image courtesy of The Graphics Fairy.

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