The power of a handsome face …

Want more of that piercing gaze? Click on this image. It gets larger.

They say a face once launched a thousand ships. How about a couple thousand Twitter impressions and a bunch of retweets? Like, scary fast?

It’s got to be because of that face. Admiral McGillvary’s piercing, confident gaze grabs on and won’t let go. People notice him!

See, I put together a basic ad at Canva a couple of days ago, slapped it up on Twitter — and wow, it is getting some action. All because of him.

But I’m not here to tell you about that, not really.

Mercy’s Embrace: The Lady Must Decide, the final installment of the series, will be featured at Just Jane 1813 on Saturday. That’s this Saturday, January 13th. Release day celebration. Woo hoo!

If you’ve read the first two books and are hungry for more, a little lurking at Amazon / Kindle Unlimited on the 11th or 12th should bring it up for you.

His Twitter ad

I’ll save Book Three’s cover for Claudine to share before I unveil it here.

In the meantime, how about a little promotional experimentation? (Well, with me, you know it’s always experimentation. I learn as I go.) I’ll post up the “Elizabeth” version of the Twitter ad, this time for Book Two. Think it will do as well as his?

And hers …

Ha, we both know the answer to that.

On the home front, I am back from my (planned) visit to the hospital yesterday, now minus a few pesky kidney stones, and I’m  ready to roll. I’ll be back in the classroom tomorrow.

Thanks for hanging in with me. This book release thing is an adventure, that’s for sure!

7 thoughts on “The power of a handsome face …

  1. Okay, I stand corrected. I put up the Elizabeth Twitter ad a few minutes go, and right away it was retweeted — by an author with 76.5k followers. A GUY.

    And I thought there were too many book covers with women … shows what I know. 😀

    This is way too much fun.


  2. I’m so happy to finally hear from you and to know the release date! So sorry about your kidney stones. Devilish painful things, I’m glad you are done with the procedure and rid of them. I don’t use twitter but I can attest to the power of those faces -I have them on my phone as screen saver ever since the cover reveal of So Rough a Course, and haven’t tired of looking at them! 😏
    Oh dear, how many hours yet?

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    1. Hi Agnes!

      It’s taken a little longer to bounce back from this one — I stayed home an additional two days from school — but I’m feeling more like myself. And here’s the news you’re waiting for:

      The Lady Must Decide just went LIVE — or is in the process of going live, not all the information is quite in place !!

      Amazon listing for The Lady Must Decide … at last ! Whew!

      Next up, resolving the print issue — which is just a matter of going through the process — and beginning the next book.


      1. I have no idea what time zone Amazon uses, but I found it live first thing this morning (I’m in Middle-Europe which makes it barely after midnight Jan12, EST) 🙂
        Congratulations on having published the entire story anew! I have to say I just loved, loved the new ending – no one can complain about lack of romance in this one! What’s more, not about lack of communication between the protagonists or clearing up their issues either. I’m only sorry Frederick and Anne did not have the opportunity to witness Elizabeth’s and Patrick’s happiness at their wedding. Oh well, naval orders… I wish I was sailing to Gibraltar, even at this dreary time of the year. Thank you very much for this wonderful reading experience!

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        1. Agnes, my girl, what did you do? Jumped on it the moment the book appeared, canceled all your plans, and sat down to read?

          I am blown away. Thank you, too, for the (unsolicited) review at Amazon. My next project is to get those print books cleared up and the editions merged.

          Well, first I need to begin work on the next novel.

          The elements you mention, every one of them occurred to me. In the end, I kept Frederick and Anne away from the wedding because he dislikes Elizabeth and is unhappy that one of his very best friends is making such a “mistake.” (For the record, McGillvary thinks Anne is a “plain brown mouse”). The epilogue needed to be focused on Patrick and Elizbeth — and how she is leaving her father and his shallow foolishness behind. I should have done more with Cleora, and with Charles and Mary, and with Lady Russell — but these would have diluted “swoosh” of the romantic ending.

          So readers can imagine for themselves a fighting Elizabeth, loyally guiding Cleora through a debut season in a year or two, and Charles buying horses to breed and keeping busy outside of the house, and Lady Russell “keeping company” — chastely — with her beloved Longwell.

          As for Sir Walter, does he return to Kellynch? Will William Elliot end up tied to Penelope Clay as wife? Lots of ideas to smile about.


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