Mercy’s Embrace re-release is now complete!

Suspense, laughter, and love are waiting for you. And a handsome admiral too …

It’s Launch Day for The Lady Must Decide, the third and final installment in the Mercy’s Embrace trilogy.

And, hooray! Claudine has an eBook giveaway going on.

Stop by, read her review at Just Jane 1813, and if you’d like to enter, post a comment. Prize will be winner’s choice — any one of the three Mercy’s Embrace eBooks.

You can see some of the cover in this banner — so beautiful! so worth it! — but you can get an even better look at Just Jane 1813.

Do remember, this is a novel in three parts. They are not stand-alone books; once begun, you will need to read all of them for the complete story.

Ah, but Kindle Unlimited has been designed especially for series addicts. So there you are.

Here is the purchase link at Amazon — where you can also see the cover. But at Claudine’s, you get to maybe win an eBook.  Choices, choices …

Thanks for stopping by and celebrating with me.

*Big, big sigh of relief*

11 thoughts on “Mercy’s Embrace re-release is now complete!

    1. I am sitting here stunned, Robin. In little over a month, all three eBooks were re-released. How did I even do that? And two of them at Christmas, which is (according to all popular wisdom) the very worst time to relesase a book!

      I kept going because of the momentum from A Very Austen Christmas and also because of the kind support from reading friends. It was a “now or never” proposition. I am so happy now to have the entire series available for everyone to enjoy.

      I am also very happy with how the new Epilogue turned out.


    1. Couldn’t resist the adorable idea that she gets both men in one.

      However, darling though he is as a romance hero — or as Claudine and Gayle call him, a Book Boyfriend — as a real-life husband McGillvary would probably be a challenge. So we keep him in the military for excitement. 😀


      1. Oh well, not a husband for everyone, certainly. But I am more optimistic than Wentworth was about their future happiness. Redeemed rakes aren’t always convincing in historical romance (that is, that they will give up their promiscuous ways for the one woman they are displayed in love with) but I think you made McGillwary promising enough. They have a real, solid love as a ground to build on, and I think Elizabeth, besides being a worthy partner for him, won’t accept any nonsense from him.

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        1. I’m not fond of redeemed rake stories — I know too many guys like this in real life. So few truly reform! Patrick McGillvary is the creation of my writing friend, Susan Kaye, so he came to me with a past. I developed him quite a bit — okay, a lot — in the Mercy’s books. He strayed from his marriage vows as military men presented with opportunity will sometimes, but not with reckless intent like a Wickham or a Willoughby.

          We forget, in our modern age, that the bed-hopping that went on in earlier times was not with “innocent” single women — too risky! — but with the married. Henry Crawford and Maria Bertram Rushworth present a realistic example of what could go on at a house party, each sharing in the motive of seduction.


          1. Couldn’t agree more! Also, in the past, marriage often wasn’t based on a true personal choice and wasn’t a true partnership. Not that it excuses the breaking of solemn wows, but it makes it look possible to be faithful if there is a real personal motivation to do so.


  1. Just one more thought – the subsequent covers are also lovely, but can’t compete with Volume 1’s, where both characters look so compellingly at the reader. However, the happy smiles are also enchanting!

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    1. You are so right, there is a difference — and it was purposeful.

      The covers are limited by budget, alas. The designer was given an order for all three — a considerable amount of money, but not nearly what a custom photo shoot would demand. I told her to put her time into the first cover, as that would be the one to sell the series.

      I knew from past experience that the buy-through rate was excellent if only a reader would try the first book. So we had to get the reader interested in Book One. The designer did put in time, which is why it is so beautiful. This cover was patched together using two separate models, and then everything was combined with exquisite “moonlight” thanks to Photoshop skills.

      My daughter-in-law is a senior graphic designer. She was aghast at the skills this designer used. “I can do Photoshop,” she said, “but not like that!”

      Even more amazing, the designer changed the model’s face — that’s right, Agnes, the stock model girl had a receding chin, a turned up nose, and pouty lips. As you see her now, she looks more like my mental picture of Elizabeth Elliot … a younger Jane Seymour (the woman who is better looking as she ages).

      The other two covers use images of stock couples, and you will doubtless see them again on other authors’ covers. That’s okay with me; it’s part of the game. I get beautiful covers for my books at a fraction of the cost of custom.

      On the other hand, I’m paying probably triple what most indie authors pay for covers. Worth every cent, I say.

      Artful changes in hair and garment color, the addition of sumptouous backgrounds, and perfect lighting adjustment make a huge difference. You will notice the emerald necklace Elizabeth wears for the Decide cover– this was added (and the lace choker the model wore was taken out). Her face looks a little like a Barbie’s because, again, it was Photoshopped. But it’s his face — the expression of tender affection — that is the standout for that cover.

      The progression of the covers mirrors what’s going on in the books. In the first, Elizabeth and the Admiral are sparring. In the second, charming Mr. Gill has won Elizabeth’s heart with his reckless confidence and wit– but is she wise to be so trusting? And in the third, we can plainly see that he loves her, heart and soul.

      So now all I have to do is write another book. And smile over what I think the cover might look like. These certainly exceeded expectations.


  2. I agree that the covers are gorgeous. I was looking for this book on Amazon yesterday but it was not there in kindle. I will head on over to Claudine’s blog to see about the release. Good luck with this re-release.

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    1. Oh, Sheila, how frustrating. Especially because Book 2 ends on such a nail-biting cliff-hanger!

      It’s been live on the dotcom Amazon site since midday on January 12th. Sometimes it takes a while for all the Amazon marketplaces to sync. We have had real trouble gifting eBooks to overseas markets recently.

      Do you have Kindle Unlimited? People are reading it, although perhaps I’m only seeing the USA marketplace.


      Patience is a virtue, but still. Here’s hoping you can access a copy soon.


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