Why Cats?

On the Internet, cats are the hands-down favorite. Sure, we love dogs and puppies, but cats are different. They’re both amusing and intriguing. From Grumpy Cat to Henri, le Chat Noir and Simon’s Cat, we never seem to get enough of them.

“Let me in, you lazy slacker. Yes, I see you sitting there. Get up!” Photo: Opethpainter (Creative Commons Flickr)
Photo: Robert Couse-Baker (Creative Commons Flickr)
“What. You walked away, and this is BACON.” Photo: Robert Couse-Baker (Creative Commons Flickr)

I think it’s because cats mirror human behaviors—good and bad—so perfectly. No politeness, no false modesty, just raw ambition and undisguised emotion. We smile at them because we recognize ourselves.

Cats love to eat. Yes, and so do we. They are expressively finicky in ways we dare not be. For the human cook, when criticized, can reach for a frying pan or broom…

They do not bother to hide their disdain. Neither do we, but we label ours “opinion.” It amounts to the same thing.

They are often very affectionate. Just as we humans can be selfless and noble. When we want to.

Cats are mischievous and play pranks. Or rather it is we who play pranks on them. (Laser pointer tag, anyone?) When we engage in this behavior ourselves, we call it “accessing the inner child.”

Photo: Sudarshan V (Creative Commons Flickr)
“Eyeliner? Nonsense. I am naturally this beautiful.” Photo: Sudarshan V (Creative Commons Flickr)

Cats are also sneaky. Humans are better at camouflaging this trait, but it amounts to the same thing. We don’t want to wait our turn. We want what we want now.

Ah, but cats are not always as smart as they think they are. As for humans, well…do you have scheming coworkers? Need I say more?

Cats are not shy about preening. We are just as fussy about our hair, but only behind the closed bathroom door.

“You do realize that I am quite the perfect fashion accessory.” (Photo: Jessica Lyons Photography)

They are either all-in or all-out. This means every surface in the house must be conquered and “catified.” Just as we prefer to make every space at home our own and redecorate whenever we can.

But this is hardly an exhaustive list. What about you? Why do you find yourself caught by cat photos and videos?

Originally posted at Jane Started It. Gotta share the Cat Love here as well.

4 thoughts on “Why Cats?

  1. My oldest/daughter has a cat, Mosaic, and oddly enough – she is not a lap cat, which most cats I ever had were. But they sure do shed a lot. My husband is allergic so we don’t own any pet except my parakeet.

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    1. Hi, Sheila!

      Oh, cats do shed a lot — a fact I tend to forget. My two oldest sons live with us — both employed full time! Both building a side business during the evenings! — so this means I have three (3) men in the house. As much as I’d love a cat, I already have plenty of picking up to do. SIGH.

      What I will be looking for, in perhaps a year or so, is a friendly, purry, couch-potato cat — the lap kind, like you had. No lithe and athletic felines for me! Just a comfortable old lady cat who enjoys lying in a sunny windowsill …


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