Giveaway Prize is $100 ???

My friend and writing comrade, Wendi Sotis, has released a sweet and charming Regency Romance today. 

That girl! To celebrate, she has a giveaway running.

And not just any giveaway — the prize is 100 BUCKS !!!

That’s right, friends. One hundered dollars in Paypal money or an Amazon gift card, your choice. Wow, right?

So get on over to Wendi’s blog and enter.  What have you got to lose?

$100 buys a lot of eBooks — or pays for a year of Kindle Unlimited.

And here’s the Amazon link for Wendi’s eBook, The  Marriage Pact I bought my copy this morning.

4 thoughts on “Giveaway Prize is $100 ???

    1. Teresa, thank you for helping spread the news. That giveaway is really something! I hope your Facebook friends enter.

      On a personal note, poor Wendi has been rather nervous. The book’s very first Amazon review was from a grumpy Kindle Unlimited reader who did not care for the plot. Ah, but it’s a new day, and fans of Wendi’s work have begun to come foreward with their opinions.

      It hurts, but one or two low reviews actually make authors look legit.


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