Weekend Writing Warriors #2

Diving in for Week 2 with 10 lines from a work-in-progress. Tell you what, these Writing Warriors are great! Thanks for the warm welcome, guys!  

As before, I’ll be sharing from As Only A Woman Can, a Pride & Prejudice-based romantic romp. Here’s the setup:

It’s late January, and Jane Austen’s heartthrob hero, Mr. Darcy, is in London, having left Hertfordshire for good. The lovely Elizabeth Bennet will no longer trouble his peace of mind — or so he thinks. Here we find Darcy in his library, having an argument with himself about, well, what to do with those foolish Valentine’s cards …

“She—and her father—ought to be on guard against rogues like Wickham.”

As was Georgiana? You left her alone.

“I trusted in the character of her companion,” Darcy fairly growled. “How was I to know that Younge woman was in league with Wickham?” This was ridiculous. He was having an argument with himself!

And Georgiana was very nearly lost to you. Send the Valentine.

Darcy cast his gaze to the ceiling. Where were these thoughts coming from?

Show Miss Elizabeth that there are suitors other than Wickham. Give the girl hope.

In other words, practice deception by sending one of those blasted cards in secret? “No,” he said aloud to the room. “Absolutely not.”

Think this is his final answer?

Of course not! 

You can discover other Weekend Warriors
who are sharing their words by going HERE.
Twitter hashtag is #8sunday

If you’d like to read more of As Only, you can follow the story as I build it at Beyond Austen.

Be warned, I write slowly. Chapters 1 and 2 are up, hooray!

Only 13 more weeks of teaching middle school — it’s not like anybody’s counting, right? And then a glorious summer of writing will be mine. Come June, this story will get rolling in earnest.

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11 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors #2

  1. Sorry about the above, the computer gremlins got hold of my comment! I was trying to say ‘What’s not to love about Mr Darcy arguing with himself! Great snippet and I love the whole concept!


  2. Mr. Darcy arguing?! Never! Nice snippet, and for those of you who love Jane Austen Fan Fiction I highly recommend Laura’s book ‘Darcy By Any Other Name’. Such an interesting premise with a body swap and all the characters you love to hate making an appearance.


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