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Weekend Writing Warriors #3

Here we go again with 10 lines from a work-in-progress. As before, I’ll be sharing from As Only A Woman Can, a Pride & Prejudice-based romantic romp. Here’s the story so far:

It’s late January, and Jane Austen’s heartthrob hero, Mr. Darcy, has decided to send lovely Elizabeth Bennet a veiled warning against the treacherous Mr. Wickham. At hand is a stack of Valentine cards. What better vehicle to conceal his identity?

Think she’ll understand his message?

With a wry smile, Darcy dipped his pen into the inkpot once more. Out came the Valentine card with the ugly cupid. Would Elizabeth appreciate him? He thought not.

Darcy turned the card over and wrote:

You are much too good, my lady fair,
To be gulled by a scoundrel, unaware
Of hearts he has broken and lies he has told.
Not all that gleams yellow is genuine gold.

 His mistress is wealth; you sense this is true.
He hasn’t a heart. Best to bid him adieu.

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If you’d like to read more of As Only, you can follow the story as I build it at Beyond Austen.

Counting down to 11 weeks left in the school year. Glorious summertime, here we come!

Once June arrives, As Only will have weekly updates.

Through midnight, tonight (March 17th), I have an Amazon Giveaway running for my lighthearted romance Darcy By Any Other Name.

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6 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors #3

  1. Ooh, quite the poisonous little poem he’s written there. But Ed raises a good point – she might not realize the dart is aimed at Wickham. SO many ways for this to go awry…enjoyed the excerpt! Intriguing possibilities…


  2. I, too, wondered if she would think it’s about him. This could backfire. I remember that feeling of approaching summer. Of course, the kids will make life hell near the end. LOL


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