Weekend Writing Warriors #5


What a glorious day for Writing Warriors!  It’s time to post 10 lines from a work-in-progress.

I’ll be sharing from As Only A Woman Can, a Pride & Prejudice-based romantic romp.

Of course Mr. Darcy’s rogue Valentines would get out of hand — you knew that.  His sense of humour demands it.

Trouble, trouble … we loves it!

Here we see him with his cousin and a glass of after-dinner port. Colonel Fitzwilliam has been waiting all evening to ask …

“What, pray tell, is the meaning of this?” With a flourish, Fitz brought out a card, stiff and white—and gaily adorned with hearts and flowers.

Darcy had to laugh. “I did not wish my humble invitation to be overlooked.”

“A Valentine! You sent a Valentine! To the army office, blast you. I thought my secretary would die laughing. And you doused it with scent!”

“You came, did you not?”

“Yes, in order to eat you out of house and home, and drink your cellar dry. And also to discover the meaning of this knacky verse: It is impossible to love and to be wise.”

“That is Francis Bacon,” supplied Darcy. “You ought to read more than just The Observer and The Gazette, you know.”

You can discover other Weekend Warriors
who are sharing their words by going HERE.
Twitter hashtag is #8sunday



If you’d like to read more
of As Only, follow the story
as I build it at Beyond Austen.


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