Mercy’s Embrace print proofs are here!

Which one is your favorite?

So very beautiful, aren’t they?

The eBook editions have been out since December-January, but being able to hold the print editions makes them more real, somehow.

My very own books to hug!

Seriously, I carried these with me, even to school — even to my bedside table at night — for the first few days they were here.

Anyway, I’m hoping to pull the trigger for their release over the weekend. I’ll give a shoutout when they’re available.

People wonder why the three Mercy’s books can’t be published as one volume. Darcy is huge enough — and it’s smaller!

I love my job and my students, but yeah. Teaching teens is emotionally wearing … and when I’m worn out, I don’t do well with detail work.

Proofing books is all about detail work!

Oh! I’m giving away one Darcy By Any Other Name, Kindle edition, at Jane Started It. USA residents only for this one. Deadline is tomorrow at midnight.

At the moment, odds for winning are really, really good. Just saying.

So if you’ve wanted to read this “Freaky Friday” (body swap) book and haven’t, here’s your chance.

10 thoughts on “Mercy’s Embrace print proofs are here!

    1. You know, Jen, So Lively A Chase is just the happiest cover. And it has turned out to be many people’s favorite, because the complications build in unexpected ways — and the fun just keeps on coming.

      School is over June 7th. I’ve had a wonderful class, but yes, it’s a long haul. With lots of writing to do during the summer. πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks for the share, Sue.

      Pushing the publish button is scary. Ha, when I loaded the print interior, I got the files mixed up for the books. I caught the mistake, but wow. Talk about not trusting myself when I’m tired, that did it. πŸ˜€

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      1. Great Caesar’s Ghost! That would have made for a great story to tell around the the firepit at the annual Indie Publisher’s Campout and Boot Sale.

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  1. I love the new covers of ME, as you well know. I know the delight you must feel to hold them in your hand… My favourite is the first one though (I still have it as a screen saver pic on my phone)
    I already have Darcy By Any Other Name, and truly, I don’t regret having paid for it, with all the times I have read it. It is one of my “comfort books” for the time I read something in JAFF that upsets me. It’s one of the best JAFF ever – just recalling some of my favourite moments in it is soothing and romantic at the same time.

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    1. Agnes, it took me a while to find this picture, but … success!

      We have matching screen savers! Ta da!

      UPDATE … WordPress isn’t allowing me to post a photo in the comment, so here is a link to it.

      This photo is of our first sunny day of late winter, taken while waiting at a local Starbucks. What can I say? Here in our part of the Pacific Northwest it drizzles … a lot.

      I’m glad you enjoy Darcy-as-Collins. He’s an easy fellow to love. In fact, I had difficulty writing him as “himself” for, well, about a year … because I had become so fond of him in DBAON.


  2. Beautiful babies! At least you don’t have to feed, burp and change them! LOL! Congratulations! I would have to say, they are one of my most favourite series! Thanks for the heads up on Darcy By Any Other Name, but I own it!!! Loved it too!

    Yes, my daughter is a teacher, and there are days that she is just exhausted and then comes home to her two children, the dog, cat, 4 horses and chickens…oh yes, and her husband! Hang in there!

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    1. Carole, thanks for the encouragement. Hanging on with both hands — busy and busier!

      How did I do this job when my sons were younger? πŸ˜€ Good for your daughter! It’s an ideal job for a family — generations of women in my family have been teachers — because of the holiday breaks and the summers. Otherwise, I couldn’t write!


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