A good friend, a good read, and an Instant Giveaway

Three cheers for my friend Chautona Havig of Just The Write Escape, who is hosting a Darcy giveaway this week.

Out of the blue, Chautona comes up with this idea — and presto, she launches it.

Like, she and I were on Facebook Messenger, chatting.  Unknown to me, Chautona is clicking away on her keyboard. And then suddenly this giveaway is a Thing.

Real and out there and “live.”

I. am. blown. away.

I have a really good friend. And you have an opportunity.

So the question is … are you an instant winner?

Because you know you want this book. 

Click this link to Amazon and find out.

For Chautona’s review of the Darcy By Any Other Name, go here.


9 thoughts on “A good friend, a good read, and an Instant Giveaway

    1. Chautona is a writing whirlwind, with books and blog articles and reviews and — yeah, and doing real life raising a bunch of great kids. Wow.

      Thanks for the props, Jen. Happy Weekend!


  1. I am always up for a giveaway! Mention “giveaway” and I’m like, “Okay! What am I giving???”

    And seriously, folks. You’ll love this book. Where else can Mr. Collins almost kiss Lizzie and you cheer for that? Just sayin’.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sheila, you were my cheerleader throughout the A to Z Challenge, when I was posting snippets of scenes to illustrate posts about writing. Thanks for spurring me on!


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