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Weekend Writing Warriors #8


Something’s going on here in the Pacific Northwest. That circular disc in the sky — so warm, so bright! What is that thing? Where are our clouds? Where is our drizzle?

Oh for the simple joy of sunshine! July weather has come to call during April. So wonderful!

Nevertheless, it’s Warrior Time!  Coming right up, ten lines from a work-in-progress: As Only A Woman Can, my Pride & Prejudice romantic romp…

There’s a problem with anonymous correspondence — especially when it involves clever writing. It becomes addictive. We face the same thing with Social Media, right? Poor Mr. Darcy. Those unused Valentine cards are begging to be sent. What’s a fellow to do?

Again Darcy seated himself at the narrow writing desk in his bedchamber. He sorted through the cards and found one with a faceless butterfly. Poor fellow, born without a smile. He would soon fix that.

Rhymes about Wickham came bubbling up, and Darcy seized a sheet of paper. Words, wonderful words, spilled onto the page.

He is too much a coward to march off to war,
A companion of drunkards, a friend to the

Darcy gave a shout of laughter. Best not to use that rhyme! Even if it was abundantly true of Wickham.

He’d probably had a shade too much brandy; yes that was it. Even so, these secret Valentines were becoming rather fun.

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6 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors #8

  1. Naughty, Naughty! Of course I’m sure he meant to rhyme it with ”poor”! (Can’t imagine what other word folks are thinking of 😉 LOL ) Sorry for the late comment , I could have sworn I left one at the weekend!


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