Weekend Writing Warriors #12

My Nathan, Jessica, and Ben.

Writing a book is kind of like riding a bike. It’s all about forward momentum, keeping words and ideas flowing. If you stop, you fall over. Bam!

It’s May, and I’m a teacher. Right now I’m focused on survival … yes, and finishing well. The school year first, and then the book.

But this weekly blog hop keeps me moving forward, if only just a little …

Write on, Writing Warriors, write on!

Here is this week’s Weekend Writing Warriors snippet, taken from As Only A Woman Can, my Pride & Prejudice romantic romp…

Intent on discovering the author of the Mystery Valentines, Elizabeth tests her father. No response.

So she joins her sisters and mother — and the officers — in the drawing room.

“Admit the truth, Wickham,” said Lydia playfully. “Are we not more lively fun than Miss Mary King?”

Mr. Wickham’s response was to smile. “A fellow cannot have too many friends, now can he?”

Lydia dimpled. “We are certainly prettier to look at. There, you see? Mr. Chamberlayne agrees with me!”

Sure enough, poor Mr. Chamberlayne’s cheeks were flushed; his eyes shone with admiration. If only Lydia would guard her flirtatious tongue!

And if only Mr. Wickham were not so fine! Today his hair was sandy rather than gold, but it was no less attractive. And when those gray eyes of his met hers—

Elizabeth bent to study her book. There was no point in thinking of Mr. Wickham’s eyes or his smile or any of it. She was near to behaving as foolishly as the smitten Mr. Chamberlayne.

She was not smitten with George Wickham; she was not!

But what if he is the Admirer?

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If you’d like to read more
of As Only, follow the story
as I build it at Beyond Austen.


9 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors #12

  1. I love your comparison of novelling to riding a bike. Keeping that forward momentum is crucial. Without it — crash! For many years I was a teacher, like you, and we had four children of our own. I remember the feeling that at times I was holding on to my creative endeavors (mostly playing the oboe at that time) by my fingernails. Good for your for sticking with writing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So that’s how you honed your comic timing, Ed. Teaching!

      Few realize that teachers must also be stand-up comics. When that classroom door closes, and we step up to the whiteboard, watch out!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I agree with Ed about forward momentum. We have to just keep writing. Love her predicament. She really doesn’t know who the Valentine’s are from. Delightful.


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