Summertime is Writing Time!

#AmWriting #Really

And writing at home can get kind of tough.

So many tasks around here are calling my name.

Not that I want to do them. But when the writing gets tricky, even house chores look good.


But housework does not get books written, and that’s what my summers are about.

So I’ve abandoned my shady Outdoor Office for the Reading Room at our library.

And you know what? In the presence of silent readers and intense, studying students, I’m getting work accomplished.

For the past two weeks, though, the writing happens after Treasure Quest, our church’s half-day camp. Yeah, I signed up to help.

Pictured below are my 4th grade boys this week, all 38 of them (more or less). Along with the rest of the campers, grades 3 – 5.


Last week my crew and I had charge of the 2nd grade boys (43, wow) for our Kindy – 2nd grade camp. Lots and lots of busy!

And lots and lots of high school and college staff on hand to keep things running!

The fun never stops at camp. Tomorrow is our final day.

Treasure Quest song leaders Nathan and Erin / Photo Credit: Southwest Bible Church

I’ve begun posting my novella for our Valentine anthology (2019 release) at Beyond Austen. Oh boy, it’s a fun one. Something I’ve wanted to write for years.

I’ll tell you more about that tomorrow …

… because it more than time for me to toddle off to bed.

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