It’s BookBub Day!

Mercy’s Embrace, Kindle edition, is on special promotion!

The entire series can be yours — almost 1000 pages of sweep-away romance and adventure — for about what you’d pay for a pumpkin spice latte.

What are you waiting for? Today’s the day!

And isn’t it something to be featured on BookBub?

Here’s to a fleet of book lovers discovering Elizabeth, McGillvary, and the joyride that is Mercy’s Embrace.

8 thoughts on “It’s BookBub Day!

  1. It is exciting! So far, At the four-hour mark, more than 9k eBook downloads. Better yet, people are buying the other books. Lots of them.

    Go, McGillvary! Capture the hearts of book lovers! Go, Elizabeth! Intrigue them with your schemes…


    1. The Big Time of Promotions (love your description) is a nail-biter, Ed. Will I pay back the money I laid out for the ad? Will I make it into the black? Late last night I “crossed the bar.” Now I can breathe more easily.

      The Dark Side of BookBub has to do with reviews. When our Christmas anthology was promoted, we were excited to see many new Amazon reviews roll in. However, since BookBub reaches readers far outside our genre, not all were positive. In fact, some were pretty bad. From people who received the book for free.

      I have been learning this motto: “A one-star review makes me look legit.”

      The idea being that if an author has only great reviews, obviously they are all from friends and family. (Um, not.) Free promotions take care of that!

      Thanks for the encouragement, Ed. Keep applying to BookBub with your stuff, because you never know.


        1. It stings. Especially when you are a competent writer.

          I’ve been published since 2009; indie since 2016. These Mercy’s books are new editions released on my own after I reacquired my rights. Like you, in all that time I have never had a bad review for any of the Mercy’s books. It’s the free promos that bring these reviewers out of the woodwork.

          Price of fame, right? 😉

          Onward we go!


    1. All I can say to author friends is apply, Charmaine. With BookBub, who knows? My Darcy By Any Other Name has been turned down many times, even though it has everything BookBub wants (reviews, a great cover, awards). The thing is, it is a mashup of genres … “too clever by half” … and thus not as easy to market.

      As I told Ed (above), the monetary outlay brings anxiety … 🙂


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