Weekend Writing Warriors #18


Mt. Hood before the autumn snowfall

Step-by-step is how we scale a mountain. Chapter-by-chapter is how we build a book. Forward march, Weekend Writing Warriors. We can do this!

So I have this little progress meter living quietly on the sidebar.  It’s kick to update it each weekend. That percentage is growing!

As Only Mr. Darcy Can

19052 / 80000 words. 24% done! (woot! woot!)

And now, Warrior Time. Here are ten lines from the above-mentioned work-in-progress: As Only Mr. Darcy Can, a Pride & Prejudice romantic romp.

Where we are in the story:

Mr. Manning, the solicitor’s son sent to Meryton by Darcy to put pressure on Wickham, has struck up a friendship—with Mary Bennet of all people. Mary, the plain middle sister, tries to counterbalance her younger sisters’ silliness with intense moral reading. Manning notices Mary with a book of sermons that she is often criticized for liking.

Except that he calls Fordyce an old friend.

He goes on to say that in the legal profession—did she know that he is studying to become a barrister?—knowledge of ethical behavior is invaluable. Mary is immediately intrigued.

“But most ladies do not share my interest.” A gust of laughter interrupted. Elizabeth saw Mr. Manning’s gaze shift to where her younger sisters sat with the officers.

He returned his attention to Mary. “I should not be so hard on your sex, Miss Mary. Even my own mother finds the trial process ghoulish.”

“I think it heroic,” cried Mary. “Imagine, defending a man falsely accused of murder or treason! Or bringing a criminal to justice!”

Mr. Manning’s expression became thoughtful. “My uncle sends transcripts of the court proceedings—a newspaper of sorts—for me to study. Would you enjoy reading them?”

“Oh,” cried Mary, flushing. “I should like it above all things! But—doubtless there will be much I shan’t understand.”

“I can help explain. If you like.”

Elizabeth concealed a smile. She had never known Mary to converse for so long with a young man.

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If you’d like to read more of As Only, follow the story weekend by weekend as I build it at Beyond Austen.

And if you’d like a progress meter of your own, here’s the link.

8 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors #18

  1. I like this side of Mary. We all know that if someone could engage her mind and look beyond the outward piousness (?) there is a warm, loving girl. I always felt she hid behind a strict moral code to make up for her younger sister’s exuberant behavior in public.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nancy, Manning is one of those plot devices who came up off the page and demanded a larger role. Because … Mary.

      At this point, he and Mary will fade into the background. But who knows? I am too fond of complicated plots … 🙂


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