Christian Suspense, Angels, Romance … Free!

Have you discovered Robin Helm’s Guardian Trilogy?
I love-love-love the new look for this series. It’s Xander!

If you enjoy Christian Suspense, Spiritual Warfare, and Angels … with a romantic hat-tip to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, you won’t want to miss this series.

The first eBook is FREE through Wednesday, October 17th.

Guardian, Book 1, at Amazon

Praise for The Guardian Trilogy:

“Oh. My. Word. This was not what I had expected! This is an amazing story; I was fascinated to see how the spiritual world might be at work around us.It’s interesting to see the spiritual warfare that goes on in a person’s life unseen by human eyes.” – Candy Morton, Indie Jane

“An inspiring Pride and Prejudice adaptation, Guardian is a moving story with a perfect balance of depth and humor.” – Jakki Leatherberry, Leatherbound Reviews

“What an awe-inspiring and uplifting novel! It is hard for me to decide which I loved more: the Christian inspiration and faith that is reverently portrayed in this novel or the achingly beautiful romance!” – Meredith Esparza, Austenesque Reviews


2 thoughts on “Christian Suspense, Angels, Romance … Free!

  1. I read that series and totally enjoyed it. Although it has a Christian connection, obviously, it didn’t come across as “preachy”. I am a Christian but don’t want my reading material to be another Sunday sermon. I recommend these books also.


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