A Sale and a Sneak Peek

Isn’t this image gorgeous? I simply must share a sneak peek of our cover couple with you!

I am excited to announce a new Austen Anthologies book. Response has been overwhelmingly positive, so Robin, Wendi, Barbara, and I decided to do it again.

A Very Austen Valentine is now available for preorder.

And — gasp! — it already has a #1 New Release tag.

On the 29th you will find us featured at Janet Taylor’s More Agreeably Engaged blog. Our tour launches on the 6th.

Do you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited? When the eBook goes live on the 29th, you can grab it right away. How’s that for great?

I’ll just mention that we have two guest authors joining us for this one. So it’s even longer!

Special 99-cent Sale

To celebrate our new release, our Christmas anthology has a special year-end price.

If you’d like to have A Very Austen Christmas for your very own, better grab it now.

The 99-cent price goes away at 8:00 a.m. PST on New Year’s Day.

Excited any? Oh, we absolutely ARE!

5 thoughts on “A Sale and a Sneak Peek

    1. Thanks for helping to spread the news, my friend.

      People are liking our cover couple. Soon they’ll be able to see the whole thing in living color.

      Well, if they haven’t already scooted over to Amazon for a look. We’ve had more preorder sales today. That is so incredible.


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