An Anniversary Sale for Darcy

It’s Darcy By Any Other Name‘s anniversary this week, and to celebrate we’re having a sale.

Here is your chance to discover this fun, engaging Pride and Prejudice body-swap romance for a great price.

It’s the perfect lighthearted vacation read.

Isn’t it something that my “Freaky Friday” book was published on Friday the 13th? Otherwise known as a “Freaky Friday”?

I’m still smiling about that.

Because I pushed the “publish” button on Saturday, May 14th, and Amazon backdated it. Ha!

Anyway, I think you’ll enjoy this book.

Darcy By Any Other Name, Kindle edition

4 thoughts on “An Anniversary Sale for Darcy

    1. Sheila, you are my faithful cheerleader. I am in the wacky final weeks of school, and then it’s off the the races with writing projects. More about those later! 🙂


    1. Summer is a-coming! Nine (9) school days left, a short trip to Yellowstone with my husband, and then I get down to the business of writing. I’ve got Elizabeth By Any Other Name outlined and everything, but we know how that goes. Always there are surprises. I am hoping, however, that this one isn’t quite so long. 😀


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