A Charlotte story for your summer

I looked long and hard to find this image from BBC’s P & P (1995). We need a Cinderella Charlotte — who is transformed not by clothing, but by love.

Summertime is storytime, and I’ve got a new one underway for you at Beyond Austen.

What if instead of marrying him, our girl Charlotte Lucas kicks pompous Mr. Collins to the curb? And has to leave Meryton while the gossip dies down? What if she meets someone else?

Might she be more of a romantic than she thinks?

Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice serves as the launching platform for this fun “What-If” Regency romance.

I will be posting weekly installments through the beginning of August. Just today I put up Chapter 4. Here’s the link:

So This is Love at Beyond Austen

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3 thoughts on “A Charlotte story for your summer

    1. Happy reading, Sheila!
      We are out the door soon for a trip to Yellowstone, with the snow tires back on the car. Because guess what is in the forecast for tomorrow? 😀

      It clears up later, so we’re going for it.


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