It’s summer break. Time for a new Work-In-Progress novel!

After an “interesting” school year (thanks to Covid adjustments), I am finally free to work on a new Darcy and Elizabeth Regency romance. I’m gunning for an autumn release.

In this one, Mr. Darcy is delightfully disagreeable, and poor Elizabeth finds herself falling for him. Take that, Mr. Wickham! She thinks Darcy is an ogre and is determined to resist. We know how well that won’t work.

As always, I’m importing characters from other Jane Austen novels to liven things up. This one should be fun — and also romantic. I’m hoping Fitzwilliam Darcy has learned a few things from So This Is Love’s brash, outspoken Captain Jack.

If you’d like to look over my shoulder as I work, head over to Membership is free, but the spam filter is so tight that it requires human intervention. If you are unable to join, let me know and I’ll have the webmistress set you up.

In League with Mr. Darcy

Writing is only one of my summer activities. I’m also helping with my four-month-old grandson while my son and daughter-in-law work from home.

Such a delight!

2 thoughts on “It’s summer break. Time for a new Work-In-Progress novel!

  1. Oh, what a cute baby! Have a happy babysitting time with him (hopefully he’s young enough to allow you some writing time too!)


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