Just in time for summer reading: In League with Mr. Darcy

Teaching middle school during Covid has been . . . challenging, to say the least. Time for writing? Nonexistent, especially during the first year. Bit by bit, I fought back.

And now I am delighted to share that, at long last, I have something new for you. It’s a lighthearted Pride and Prejudice Regency romance.

In League with Mr. Darcy

Love, laughter, and matchmaking skullduggery are waiting for you!

I’ll tell you a little about it.

Over the months of the shutdown, I kept seeing these ads on my Kindle; maybe you saw them too. The ones with “Grumpy” in the title? Yeah, those.

They got me to thinking. What if?

When I get going with “What If,” you know there’s a story brewing

What if Mr. Darcy is disastrously honest and outspoken? Not precisely a grump, but almost.

What if, instead of hating Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth falls for him right away? Very much against her will, of course. How can she be such a fool?

And what if Wickham, instead of working his stratagems, is sidelined by a former schoolfellow? A clergyman who just happens to pass through Meryton, remembers what Wickham is, and says so?

The good vicar would have kept going, but he chances to get a look at Caroline Bingley. Oho! She’s rich — and unmarried!

Is this a match made in heaven, or what?

Charles Bingley thinks it’s from the other place, for the fellow is obviously a fortune hunter! Who knew Charles could dislike someone so thoroughly?

Caught in the middle are Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, with friendship that could be blossoming into something more. Little do they know that Caroline has a scheme of her own.

In League with Mr. Darcy is the perfect beach read. Or, if you’re like me and are summering at home, it’s the perfect fictional escape. I think you’ll enjoy it.

Especially if you’re tired of Wickham as the villain. . .

What pre-release readers are saying …

The print edition should be available by the beginning of June
  • “This is an excellent story, hilariously funny!”
  • “I am in love with your Darcy, irrevocably and ardently.”
  • “A Darcy who isn’t grim and silent?  Who could imagine such a thing? You, I guess!”
  • “Another lively and entertaining story from one of my favorite authors!  I sigh, I smile and sometimes outright laugh when I am reading your works!”
  • ” I always love a Laura Hile story!!”
  • “Thoroughly enjoying your Darcy, such a wry sense of humor!”
  • “I love, love, LOVE how you inject humor and super fun vernacular into the chapters.“
  • “Every time I read a new chapter, you’ve once again outdone yourself in hilarity.  Oh. My. Gosh.  We’re at serious LOL material.  Like, fall off chair bcz you’re laughing so hard kinda thing.”
  • “Thank you, Laura, for yet another terrific, enjoyable, fun, crazy and completely wonderful story!”
  • “Very entertaining story right to the end.”

You’ll find In League with Mr. Darcy at Amazon.
If you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, it’s ready and waiting.
You can start reading today. 

2 thoughts on “Just in time for summer reading: In League with Mr. Darcy

    1. Did I seriously use the phrase “matchmaking skullduggery”?

      Then again, this is Caroline Bingley we’re talking about!

      Thanks for the props, Robin. This is a fun read.


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