FREE through August 15: The Complete Mercy’s Embrace Trilogy

How exciting is this? A BookBub feature!

You already know what a scaredy cat I am. I was absolutely certain that BookBub would turn down my application. They’ve done so before, many times! My writing friend Robin Helm can testify that I whined a lot.

But I applied anyway. Because “Do it Scared” has become my motto.

I did mention that Netflix Persuasion is a hot topic among historical romance fans right now. And BookBub bought it.

So here we are today.

Elizabeth Elliot and Admiral McGillvary and the rest of the Persuasion crew are ready to be discovered by Regency readers.

The other wonderful thing is that it appears to be free IN ALL MARKETPLACES. (I’m looking at you, Canada!) This is a huge improvement for Amazon. It’s so great to offer The Trilogy to everyone!

BookBub can and does feature Jane Austen fan fiction!

Not often, but it does happen.

If you’d like the single eBook edition of this long, exciting story, now is your chance to grab one. The FREE offer expires at midnight (Pacific Time) on August 15, 2022.

The Complete Mercy’s Embrace Trilogy at Amazon

6 thoughts on “FREE through August 15: The Complete Mercy’s Embrace Trilogy

    1. We’re sending Admiral McGillvary on a mission — to capture Regency readers’ hearts!

      Thanks for the props, Carole. I’m so thrilled that Amazon has made The Trilogy free in all markets.


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