A FREE Audiobook is waiting! Check out my new YouTube Channel

Okay, so this is definitely a “Playing the Long Game” career move. Scaredy-cat me, taking another risk!

After my three audiobooks were pirated, I learned a few things.

  1. The pirate channel had them for only a month, but each pulled in over a thousand views. So the audience is there.
  2. Happy listeners posted positive comments. How were they to know the books were pirated? They were thrilled to listen for FREE, bless them.
  3. My audiobook covers are beautiful enough to entice thieves — and listeners.
  4. The Pride and Prejudice Austen Variations Facebook group is AWESOME. These friends mobilized to protest piracy. YouTube took the offending titles down.

    Why not take a chance and toss my hat into the YouTube arena with a channel of my own? My audiobook royalties are only a small percentage anyway. . .

So today I took the leap and created Laura Hile Audiobooks on Youtube. I even figured out how to convert an audiobook and everything. Head on over and listen for FREE. (And subscribe, pretty please?)

Love, laughter, and the Thorpes’ skullduggery are waiting on YouTube!

Narrator Benjamin Fife skillfully brings this fun Christmas novella to life. His specialty is fantasy-adventure, and thus he has the chops to deliver a rollicking good listen.

To keep my channel supplied, I will be sharing my other audiobooks and having some of my A Very Austen novellas voiced.

I won’t be able to sell them on Audible (because Audible requires an eBook edition). That’s okay. They’re perfect for sharing on YouTube and at other audiobook outlets.

So stay tuned.

And if you have a minute, could you please subscribe to my channel? The link to Laura Hile Audiobooks is here.

Is this shameless begging? I’m afraid so. I need 1,000 subscribers before I am able to make money. On the other hand, I have to start somewhere, right?

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