Christian Suspense, Angels, Romance … Free!

Have you discovered Robin Helm's Guardian Trilogy? If you enjoy Christian Suspense, Spiritual Warfare, and Angels ... with a romantic hat-tip to Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, you won't want to miss this series. The first eBook is FREE through Wednesday, October 17th. Guardian, Book 1, at Amazon Praise for The Guardian Trilogy: "Oh. My. … Continue reading Christian Suspense, Angels, Romance … Free!

Weekend Writing Warriors #18

  Step-by-step is how we scale a mountain. Chapter-by-chapter is how we build a book. Forward march, Weekend Writing Warriors. We can do this! So I have this little progress meter living quietly on the sidebar.  It's kick to update it each weekend. That percentage is growing! As Only Mr. Darcy Can 19052 / 80000 … Continue reading Weekend Writing Warriors #18

Weekend Writing Warriors #17

Coming to your inbox ... from BookBub! It's my first solo BookBub feature. Today's the DAY! Excited any? You bet. Readers are not only downloading the book, but they are also buying the other two in the series. Happy-happy-happy dance! Okay, deep breath. On to the business at hand. Here is this week's Weekend Writing Warriors snippet, … Continue reading Weekend Writing Warriors #17

It’s BookBub Day!

Mercy's Embrace, Kindle edition, is on special promotion! Part One: So Rough a Course -- FREE September 15 - 16 Part Two: So Lively a Chase  -- 33% OFF September 15 - 21 Part Three: The Lady Must Decide -- 33% OFF September 15 - 21 The entire series can be yours -- almost 1000 pages of sweep-away romance and adventure -- for about … Continue reading It’s BookBub Day!

Going to Carolina in my mind …

I've been praying for friends--and everyone else--impacted by Hurricane Florence. It's amazing how quickly things can change, isn't it? Once the storm hits her part of South Carolina, Robin Helm's porch will not be looking like this. Those Coca Cola bottles? They are missiles, able to take out windows. That coleus plant will be shredded … Continue reading Going to Carolina in my mind …

Weekend Writing Warriors #16

  The school year has begun! It takes several weeks for teachers to get our game on. I'm hanging in there! Here is this week's Weekend Writing Warriors snippet, taken from As Only Mr. Darcy Can, my Pride & Prejudice romantic romp. So Elizabeth Bennet has received another of those mystery Valentines, this time on the day … Continue reading Weekend Writing Warriors #16

Weekend Writing Warriors #15

  Well, it's the last weekend of summer break. To celebrate, I have a FREE eBook for you. More about that at the end of the post. Today's Weekend Warrior snippet is taken from from As Only Mr. Darcy Can, a Pride & Prejudice-based romantic romp. Miss Mary King has just inherited money from her … Continue reading Weekend Writing Warriors #15

Want some FREE Snark with your coffee?

Summertime is drawing to a close. It's time to hunker down and get back to the business of life. Such as, for instance, hunting for a wealthy husband? My dear, if this is your dilemma, Jane Austen's Sir Walter Elliot is here to help. For the next five days, his Marrying Well For Fun & … Continue reading Want some FREE Snark with your coffee?