Day 35: Like ‘LeapFrog’ for my blog

In other words, keep the momentum going. And going and going... Today is the final day of the 35-Day Challenge. Now it's up to me to maintain the ground I've gained. Staying with the flow is the secret to writing.  Like most secrets, momentum is elusive. It's like a surfer catching a clean, unbroken wave. It … Continue reading Day 35: Like ‘LeapFrog’ for my blog

Day 34: When ‘Shake It Off’ takes a while

In nine days, it will be six months since I was admitted to ICU. Septic infection (urinary tract infection plus blockage caused by kidney stones) caught everyone by surprise. For five days (three of them while sedated on a ventilator), my body struggled to win the fight for life. And yet here I am, back … Continue reading Day 34: When ‘Shake It Off’ takes a while

Day 33: What’s next?

Today's headline brings a smile. I'm struggling to teach through each school day and then pick away at Darcy's book morning and evening. And the prompt is asking for more? Indeed yes. Writing is a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately business. No resting on today's laurels! Must keep that forward momentum going! Ah, but the sidebar thingy gives a clue: … Continue reading Day 33: What’s next?

Day 32: Hats off to my rooting squad!

Today's prompt asks for shout-outs. Because nobody creates books in a vacuum. There are always first readers and behind-the-scenes encouragers. Everyone knows about "Inklings" C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. Together with fellow writers, they met over beer for years to share works-in-progress. I do the same thing using the Internet. No beer for me (it puts me … Continue reading Day 32: Hats off to my rooting squad!

Day 31: Do as I say…

Ah, the joys of teaching! I am a font of advice for students, particularly middle schoolers. About work and life and everything. As I up my writing game from hobbyist to professional, I'm thinking I should "do as I say." Because some of my advice isn't half bad! Former students will tell you that these … Continue reading Day 31: Do as I say…

Day 30: Silver Screen Stuff & Nonsense!

If a Hollywood producer came knocking on my door with an offer to turn Darcy By Any Other Name into a movie and told me that I could call all the shots... How about this for the short list? Director: Kenneth Branagh Mr. Darcy: Chris Pine Mr. Collins: Jack Black Elizabeth Bennet: Kate Beckinsale The … Continue reading Day 30: Silver Screen Stuff & Nonsense!

Day 29: From California to the New York island

Along the indie publishing road, it's tempting to think that I must go it alone. The wheat fields are waving, the dust clouds are rolling--and I am traveling that lonesome highway on my own. After all, I make the decisions, hire the services, and set the deadlines.  Daunting, yes. But I've discovered that I kind … Continue reading Day 29: From California to the New York island

Day 28: Social Media, baby!

For today's indie author, social media is the only game in town. It's the most effective way to promote my books. Most of my sales are ebooks. And with a series? An eager reader can get the next book right away. It's kind of perfect for word-of-mouth impulse buying. See it, click it, read it. Shazam! … Continue reading Day 28: Social Media, baby!

Day 27: Platform Growers

A solid platform can be likened to a network of high-voltage electric towers. You know, the grid. For an author, a platform enables a longer reach, which in turn generates buzz. And, we hope, sales. Successful indie authors advise the following: Release books consistently, two a year Blog regularly and engagingly about topics with universal appeal … Continue reading Day 27: Platform Growers

Day 26: Um, Bookstores?

I don't know about where you live, but around here traditional bookstores--offering new, not used, print editions--have all but disappeared. Save for Powell's, which is a Portland icon, a destination for tourists and locals alike. Today's prompt asks about non-bookstore sales. I'm thinking that's all I've got! Non-bookstore retail is suited to non-fiction. Self-help books … Continue reading Day 26: Um, Bookstores?