When “The End” is the beginning

Late last night--as the clock struck midnight, ha--I wrote and posted the final words of Darcy By Any Other Name. I have been working toward this for a long time. Two-and-a-half years, to be precise. (What can I say? The three Mercy's Embrace books took eight summers...) The hours in ICU are long, and one of … Continue reading When “The End” is the beginning

April’s A to Z Challenge

When Spring Break comes, my calendar goes out the window. Seriously, I am still thinking it's March 21st, my first day of vacation. And it's the 29th. Which means Wednesday is April 1st. And that--no fooling--marks the beginning of April's Blogging From A to Z Challenge. Six blog posts per week, one each day. A … Continue reading April’s A to Z Challenge

Liebster Award — Laura Hile blog

Imagine my surprise at receiving a Liebster Award from Linzé Brandon of A Butterfly on a Broomstick blog. This is my first time to be chosen. The Liebster is given by fellow bloggers to help people discover new blogs. Why the heart? Because Liebster is German for beloved or special. The Liebster Rules: Answer the … Continue reading Liebster Award — Laura Hile blog

A wonderful new source for free fiction … Beyond Austen!

Stephanie Hamm, Robin Helm, and Gayle Mills are pleased to announce the opening of a new Austen fiction forum, Beyond Austen. The site goes live today, July 30th. Austen fiction for everyone Their mission is to provide a forum environment that is friendly and encouraging, offering well-written fiction appropriate for readers of all ages. This … Continue reading A wonderful new source for free fiction … Beyond Austen!