Saturdays with the Coffee Cat

Coffee Cat and I begin our Saturday mornings together. And what a fine beginning it is! The house is quiet -- save for singing birds -- and I can think. Important for a writer, that thinking thing ... I treasure silence and having uncluttered thoughts as only a middle school teacher can! The time on the … Continue reading Saturdays with the Coffee Cat

Why Cats?

On the Internet, cats are the hands-down favorite. Sure, we love dogs and puppies, but cats are different. They're both amusing and intriguing. From Grumpy Cat to Henri, le Chat Noir and Simon's Cat, we never seem to get enough of them. I think it's because cats mirror human behaviors---good and bad---so perfectly. No politeness, … Continue reading Why Cats?

Cat-sneak and the Door of Opportunity

Oral surgeons have two doors at their offices. One is for incoming patients--a nicely-appointed waiting room with magazines and such. And then there is the exit to the parking lot, for those who have had extractions under general anesthesia. A week ago, my husband had a cracked wisdom tooth removed. A laughable situation really, because … Continue reading Cat-sneak and the Door of Opportunity

Steep Learning Curve for a Scaredy-Cat

A cat has lots of lives. Even a Scaredy-Cat like me. It's been quite a year for this cat. I've used up some lives. Good thing that by God's grace I have so many! It's been a year for Mom, too. Other people have health issues, not us. We bounce back from anything, well... until … Continue reading Steep Learning Curve for a Scaredy-Cat

Have you met Mog?

This is way off-topic, but it's that kind of day. It's a celebration day--with mourning turned to joy--because all of my students passed their tests. Quarter 1 ends well! And while checking Facebook at lunch I discovered Mog and his commercial about Christmas sharing. So I'm passing it on to you. Just the thing for Friday … Continue reading Have you met Mog?

It’s Caturday–I mean, Saturday!

The Facebook truism about cat photos is spot-on. Everybody loves cats! I've had more "Likes" for Onyx and Domino than for anything else I've shared. Unlike dogs (who are cheerful), cats express a variety of moods. Unabashed laziness, open scorn, purring contentment, tail-in-the-air disdain. We loves all of it! If only managing life's relationships were … Continue reading It’s Caturday–I mean, Saturday!