Two chances to win an e-book this week!

 Rainy days and books go together, right?  That's what we've got going on here in the Pacific Northwest today. At long last, reading weather! This week we have two reviews and e-book giveaways to put on your radar. Oh boy! From Pemberley to Milton: Stop by and enjoy Rita Dodato's review and a special GUEST POST … Continue reading Two chances to win an e-book this week!

Maybe it’s not a “beach read”?

So I've been promoting Darcy By Any Other Name as a "beach read." You know, the perfect book for a vacation. But maybe I'm wrong. Last week a reader shared a "book selfie" on Facebook. Oh, the places my books go. How I love seeing them! Darcy, can't I squeeze through the Kindle and come along … Continue reading Maybe it’s not a “beach read”?

A book’s success is like surfing

I've released a new book, and the process kind of reminds me of surfing. Okay, body surfing. I was never brave enough--or coordinated enough!--to try it with a board. Tanning on the beach? Forget that. Why lie in the sun when you can spend the afternoon catching waves? Many summer days at Santa Monica and … Continue reading A book’s success is like surfing

“When what to my wondering eyes did appear…”

This is my Ben, and when he sees this photo he'll be rolling his eyes. And saying, "M-o-m," as only a grown son can. This selfie was taken with his first digital camera. At age eleven, boys don't care what they look like. That stupefied pose is deliberate. Thing is, his expression mirrors how I've felt … Continue reading “When what to my wondering eyes did appear…”

It’s here: Darcy By Any Other Name

Darcy By Any Other Name, my first indie publication, was released today. I ought to be celebrating--and I am--if staring at the screen in shock and wonder qualifies. Amazon slapped the Kindle edition up for sale in something like twenty minutes, instead of the promised 12 hours. There is no ranking, but the "Look Inside" feature … Continue reading It’s here: Darcy By Any Other Name

Elements of Romantic Comedy: SaleZ

What a way to end the A to Z Challenge, by talking about money! And yet selling books is part of the equation. Readers are always on the hunt for new titles--and authors--to love. They are! Don't lose heart, writing friend. This is the age of the story. I mean, look around. People are addicted to Netflix … Continue reading Elements of Romantic Comedy: SaleZ

Elements of Romantic Comedy: Y-not?

Grasping at straws for a meaningful Y word here. But "Why not?" is a question I ask whenever my story gets stuck. Not IF it gets stuck, but WHEN. Sooner or later every plot bogs down (like the unhappy jeep pictured below), usually in the middle. It's too easy to write yourself into a corner and/or … Continue reading Elements of Romantic Comedy: Y-not?

Elements of Romantic Comedy: eXcellence

With each book you write, you take your best shot. What you release into the wide world represents the best you can do. That's the glory and the heartbreak of writing. Your book deserves to live. Bring it out of your imagination and share. What if your favorite author had given in to self-doubt and had never … Continue reading Elements of Romantic Comedy: eXcellence

Elements of Romantic Comedy: Worthy Opponent

Okay, so the Worthy Adversary is the baddie: the villain, the antagonist, the opposition. (Find out more about villains here.) The Worthy Opponent, on the other hand, is the sparring partner, otherwise known as the charming romantic foil. That's right, the love interest. This person should be more than your lead's equal, having intelligence and humor and … Continue reading Elements of Romantic Comedy: Worthy Opponent