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Atmospheric River

Our area of Oregon is famous for rain. Except it isn’t rain, it’s really just drizzle. Continuous, dreary drizzle. Until now. A new term entered my vocabulary this week: “atmospheric river.” The entire west coast is being dumped on right now, particularly Northern California. I love drumming rain, but this is crazy. It’s been scary to… Continue reading Atmospheric River

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The Things We Sometimes Miss

Trouble can help us to see things we would otherwise miss.  Lovely or important things, I mean. Nobody needs to see that dust on the coffee table. Yesterday my husband carefully raised the ailing mini blind in our bedroom to take photos of the falling snow. At once two of the strings broke, and the thing… Continue reading The Things We Sometimes Miss

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The day I wore Pajama Pants to Walmart

When snow and freezing rain hit the Pacific Northwest, we kind of lose our minds. Snowpocalapse! Hunker down! The end is near! Okay, so we’re not quite that bad. Thing is, we get snow every two to three years in this part of Oregon. It really throws us for a loop. I ought to add that… Continue reading The day I wore Pajama Pants to Walmart

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Be vulgar at your own risk!

A new crop of 7th graders now inhabits my classroom. They’re coltish, talkative, and desperate to master the art of sarcasm. Uh-huh. They’re not very good at it. I give them props for trying. Needless to say, they are no match for me. But if they’d like to take me on, hey, I’m game. “Bring… Continue reading Be vulgar at your own risk!

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Cat-sneak and the Door of Opportunity

Oral surgeons have two doors at their offices. One is for incoming patients–a nicely-appointed waiting room with magazines and such. And then there is the exit to the parking lot, for those who have had extractions under general anesthesia. A week ago, my husband had a cracked wisdom tooth removed. A laughable situation really, because… Continue reading Cat-sneak and the Door of Opportunity

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“I will put you in charge of more…”

  Do you remember Jesus’ Parable of the Talents? One guy is given two talents to invest, another guy five, and a third guy, one. The first two get right to the business of trading, and each doubles his investment. Needless to say, their master is pleased. He says the same thing to each of the first… Continue reading “I will put you in charge of more…”

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Maybe it’s not a “beach read”?

So I’ve been promoting Darcy By Any Other Name as a “beach read.” You know, the perfect book for a vacation. But maybe I’m wrong. Last week a reader shared a “book selfie” on Facebook. Oh, the places my books go. How I love seeing them! Darcy, can’t I squeeze through the Kindle and come along… Continue reading Maybe it’s not a “beach read”?

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Guest Sons

Facebook has added a “Thankful” button to its gallery of Likes.  It’s Mother’s Day, and the timing is perfect. I could click that thing all day long. My mom has overcome a series of serious illnesses and is doing well, and so are my sons. But I am also thankful for Guest Sons. I have… Continue reading Guest Sons

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Trading Places

Friday was a day of surprises. A day of trading places. At 2:00 that afternoon, my son, Nathan, drove me to my pre-op appointment at an office next to the hospital. This is for the second surgery. Tuesday’s was textbook perfect. I am back to normal, as you will see. But by 5:00, he felt nauseous… Continue reading Trading Places

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Steep Learning Curve for a Scaredy-Cat

A cat has lots of lives. Even a Scaredy-Cat like me. It’s been quite a year for this cat. I’ve used up some lives. Good thing that by God’s grace I have so many! It’s been a year for Mom, too. Other people have health issues, not us. We bounce back from anything, well… until… Continue reading Steep Learning Curve for a Scaredy-Cat