Garaged and never driven?

So I'm stuck at home on the sofa, convalescing. (I know, right? Still. Oh, sigh). Tell you what, I am bone weary of television. But there are life lessons to be gleaned, even from daytime TV. Yesterday's episode of Chasing Classic Cars delivered a stunner. In it Wayne Carini, host of the show, purchased a … Continue reading Garaged and never driven?

A writer, not a wroter

The fireside for the Cricket Writer, The wheatstack for the Mouse, When trembling night-winds whistle And moan all round the house... (With apologies to William Allingham and his "Robin Redbreast") On this dark and rainy winter's day, I am home alone. After a week of teaching talk-talk-talk, the silence of a quiet house--with only the … Continue reading A writer, not a wroter

A year with My 500 Words

I didn't see the invitation until January 3rd. Facing a book deadline, author Jeff Goins asked his blog subscribers for help. Would we write 500 words a day with him for the month of January? Would I? My blog was languishing, and the novel was stuck at Chapter 7. Defeated? Oh, I was feeling it. … Continue reading A year with My 500 Words

The Power of Momentum

So a week into January I signed on for Jeff Goins' 500 Word Challenge on Facebook. The goal was simple: write every day. For, like, a whole month. This was a deep-breath undertaking, a desperate attempt to get back into the writing game. No splashy announcement. No cheerleaders recruited. Because I know myself. See, once … Continue reading The Power of Momentum

Life with Boys: Shoes!

"Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world." Marilyn Monroe   As you can see, my three sons side with Marilyn. And this is only part of the pile. They're each wearing a pair. Our youngest suggested that we purchase special shelving for them. Like we have enough wall space? As … Continue reading Life with Boys: Shoes!

Work-Related Stereotypes?

Several years ago I sat on a jury for a murder trial, a fascinating experience for an aspiring writer. One of the most surprising things I learned, as I listened to testimony from various witnesses and experts, was something I did not want to accept. Work-related stereotypes are not all that far-fetched. Dang, the policemen … Continue reading Work-Related Stereotypes?