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Of Mice and Young Men

I came across this older article at Jane Started It — and because I think you will enjoy it, I’m sharing it here too. Want something done? Put your tech sons on it. It turns out my guys can do way more than set up Chromecast and Netflix. They can solve a mouse problem. Like,… Continue reading Of Mice and Young Men

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The Guilt-Trip Menagerie

“I’m going to ask my mom for a pet tarantula.” This was from one of my students, said to no one in particular. His aim was to get a rise out of his classmates. Ah, but I am wise to the ways of 7th grade boys–and their moms. “Too late,” I quipped. “You’re not home… Continue reading The Guilt-Trip Menagerie

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Guest Sons

Facebook has added a “Thankful” button to its gallery of Likes.  It’s Mother’s Day, and the timing is perfect. I could click that thing all day long. My mom has overcome a series of serious illnesses and is doing well, and so are my sons. But I am also thankful for Guest Sons. I have… Continue reading Guest Sons

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Trading Places

Friday was a day of surprises. A day of trading places. At 2:00 that afternoon, my son, Nathan, drove me to my pre-op appointment at an office next to the hospital. This is for the second surgery. Tuesday’s was textbook perfect. I am back to normal, as you will see. But by 5:00, he felt nauseous… Continue reading Trading Places

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Little steps add up

I saw my middle son off to school today. This time there were no tears because, well, he is 27. As I write this he is eating breakfast with students in his cohort and listening to orientation speeches. Heady stuff. Almost two years ago I watched him start out along this newfound path. He stepped… Continue reading Little steps add up