Let Freedom Ring

Tonight we will be heading downtown for fireworks. That's what you get when your kids are in their adventuresome 20s. Scorning inconvenience, they want to go out and do stuff. Freedom gives us this right.¬†As citizens, we can peaceably assemble in public places. Although this is Portland, so weirdness will be present too. I'll keep … Continue reading Let Freedom Ring

Treasure the second chance

Of all the attributes of love, mercy and forgiveness are perhaps the most cherished. I marvel at the many times God has shown mercy to me, and I remind myself that He asks me to extend that same forgiveness to others. But do we treasure those second chances? Or do we presume that there will … Continue reading Treasure the second chance

A year with My 500 Words

I didn't see the invitation until January 3rd. Facing a book deadline, author Jeff Goins asked his blog subscribers for help. Would we write 500 words a day with him for the month of January? Would I? My blog was languishing, and the novel was stuck at Chapter 7. Defeated? Oh, I was feeling it. … Continue reading A year with My 500 Words

Memorial Day is not just for grandpas

When I was my students' ages, Memorial Day was all about the three-day weekend. Military service? Wasn't that old guys, like my grandpa? Visiting cemeteries with flag pins on their lapels and saluting and stuff? (Yes, I was that self-absorbed and stupid.) For the military is not about old geezers at all. Those serving are … Continue reading Memorial Day is not just for grandpas