Romantic Reads SALE for you

Dark days with autumn rain are the perfect time for reading. If you're looking for sweet romance at great prices, here is a Story Origin sale with lovely choices. Oh, and my exciting Regency, the Mercy's Embrace Trilogy, is marked down to only 99 cents. If you'd like to pick up a copy, now … Continue reading Romantic Reads SALE for you

Together at last! The Complete Mercy’s Embrace Trilogy

Meet Jane Austen's "Other Elizabeth" -- and the dashing, dangerous man who captures her unwilling heart At last, all three Mercy's Embrace novels are together in a single eBook. I am very excited to share this news. For Kindle Unlimited subscribers, this is the best. A single borrow brings you many happy reading hours with … Continue reading Together at last! The Complete Mercy’s Embrace Trilogy

Wonderful Historical Fiction Sale

Grab them while the deals last! Michelle Isenhoff brings you a selection of historical fiction titles just in time for the holidays. They’re hand-picked, and most are discounted just for you. If you've read Michelle Isenhoff, you know she's a top-notch storyteller. So are the authors she is featuring. Writers like K. M. Weiland.  Nathaniel … Continue reading Wonderful Historical Fiction Sale

It’s BookBub Day!

Mercy's Embrace, Kindle edition, is on special promotion! Part One: So Rough a Course -- FREE September 15 - 16 Part Two: So Lively a Chase  -- 33% OFF September 15 - 21 Part Three: The Lady Must Decide -- 33% OFF September 15 - 21 The entire series can be yours -- almost 1000 pages of sweep-away romance and adventure -- for about … Continue reading It’s BookBub Day!

So Rough a Course is FREE!

Bring on the Beach Reads! It's the first day of my summer break. Some serious celebration going on here, oh yes. And not only because the school year is over... For the next four days, So Rough a Course is free. Yes, FREE. But wait, there's more! So Lively a Chase (Book 2) and The Lady Must Decide  … Continue reading So Rough a Course is FREE!

Mercy’s Embrace print proofs are here!

So very beautiful, aren't they? The eBook editions have been out since December-January, but being able to hold the print editions makes them more real, somehow. My very own books to hug! Seriously, I carried these with me, even to school -- even to my bedside table at night -- for the first few days … Continue reading Mercy’s Embrace print proofs are here!

Mercy’s Embrace re-release is now complete!

Suspense, laughter, and love are waiting for you. And a handsome admiral too ... It's Launch Day for The Lady Must Decide, the third and final installment in the Mercy's Embrace trilogy. And, hooray! Claudine has an eBook giveaway going on. Stop by, read her review at Just Jane 1813, and if you'd like to … Continue reading Mercy’s Embrace re-release is now complete!

The power of a handsome face …

They say a face once launched a thousand ships. How about a couple thousand Twitter impressions and a bunch of retweets? Like, scary fast? It's got to be because of that face. Admiral McGillvary's piercing, confident gaze grabs on and won't let go. People notice him! See, I put together a basic ad at Canva a … Continue reading The power of a handsome face …

Mercy’s Embrace: So Lively a Chase is live!

That's right, Book Two is here for you to enjoy! Don't you just love that smiling cover? It's time to celebrate! Today Claudine is hosting an enthusiastic “Launch Day” review and an eBook giveaway at Just Jane 1813.  You’ll want to check that out. And if you’d like to buy, thank you! Here is the purchase link at … Continue reading Mercy’s Embrace: So Lively a Chase is live!