Day 18: Sing that book!

  The spirit, message, and energy of my books captured in song?¬†Well, sure. I can do that. In other words, the sweep and swing of falling in love as expressed in music. How about from the guy's point of view?     For Mercy's Embrace's Admiral McGillvary, here is the joyous Everything. And for Darcy … Continue reading Day 18: Sing that book!

Benjamin Zander and Reducing the Impulses

Sometimes it helps to cross-train with artists from other disciplines. Today, a TED talk from conductor Benjamin Zander. As always, he is a delight. He transforms the way we see classical music. And, I hope, the way my students see the craft of writing. "Observe his performance of Chopin," I tell them. As writers, what … Continue reading Benjamin Zander and Reducing the Impulses