My One Word for 2016

Happy New Year! It's time for resolutions and goals--and as usual I am rolling my eyes. I am prone to over-commitment!  And then abandoning my resolutions when I become overwhelmed. A one-word goal keeps things simple and focused. For 2014, my word was READY. Even though I kind of wasn't. For 2015, I chose ENGAGE. As … Continue reading My One Word for 2016

For the new year, a single word.

This year I'm skipping the New Year's resolutions. Mine don't last long. A week, maybe. Or until the plate of fudge is passed round. (Diet? What diet?) Instead, I'm choosing one word for the year. The idea is to have clarity and sustained focus. Plus, a single word is easier to remember. My word for … Continue reading For the new year, a single word.