Got NaNo Writer’s Block? Welcome to the club!

I signed up for NaNo out of desperation. Yes, many of my writing friends were doing it, but for me it was a matter of survival. (I would say it was "write-or-die," but having almost done that this last spring, I kind of can't use the expression anymore.) I have no time, no time for … Continue reading Got NaNo Writer’s Block? Welcome to the club!

The Three Doors

NaNo is here, and I have a lot on my plate. Manuscript proofreading and a new Regency story, along with all the end of quarter stuff at school--report cards, parent conferences. (Alas, I've set aside the poor pirate story until December.) So I will be living like my second son, the graduate student. He is busy always. I … Continue reading The Three Doors

NaNo Countdown 10: Setting Profile

My NaNo pirate story takes place in a mythical European kingdom, as yet unnamed (sorry). It's part fairy tale, part late-17th-century fun. The overall tone is surprisingly cheerful. The Princess Bride, anyone? So I dug around a bit at Creative Commons.  Images are more fun than words. Besides, this is preliminary work. Visuals help creativity. … Continue reading NaNo Countdown 10: Setting Profile

NaNo Countdown 11: Music? Yarr!

A writing soundtrack for NaNoWriMo? Oh, yes. For this project, you know the answer. I'll be having pirate music, of course! First, some borrowing from my CD collection at school. (I play classical, jazz, and folk music while students work.) Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack--a favorite of students since 2003. Reserved for study hall on Friday afternoons. Begged for … Continue reading NaNo Countdown 11: Music? Yarr!

Day 23: Captain O’Manly and me

That's his name: O'Manly. And he's a pirate. I know, right? But the prompt asks which of my characters I'd like to meet up with, and he immediately came to mind. It has to do with the twinkly blue eyes and the wide smile. And the outrageous name he chose for himself. The swashbuckling thing appeals … Continue reading Day 23: Captain O’Manly and me

A “rubber ball” writer am I

So a friend and I were talking over our NaNoWriMo results. You know, the "something is better than nothing" evaluation. Oh, sigh. Am I a fair-weather writer? I write often, but I become easily overwhelmed. I seem to do my best work in focused gusts. My creative brain has a limited attention span? Dang. I'm … Continue reading A “rubber ball” writer am I

‘Twas the week before NaNo

So here's my NaNoWriMo check list: 1. A plot map. Otherwise known as an outline. I've done NaNo "pantsing all the way," and the result wasn't pretty. Or even usable. Hat tip to Tonia for sharing A Plot Outline in Six Acts, which I will be following to the letter. 2. Larger-than-life lead characters. I … Continue reading ‘Twas the week before NaNo

Just say No to NaNoWriMo?

That's what I ought to do... Because November is impossible: report cards, parent conferences, and travel for a family wedding. But it's only 1700 words a day; how hard is that? (Ha) By month's end, 50,000 words. (Ha) But the communal whining of thousands of writerly participants is too appealing. So here I am again, … Continue reading Just say No to NaNoWriMo?