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Author Interviews and a Giveaway too!

A big Thank You to Chautona for hosting A Very Austen Christmas today. It’s easy to enter her eBook giveaway. Visit Chautona.com and tell her your favorite Austen supporting character. Oh boy! This will be fun. And if you win, it’ll be an early Christmas present for you!

A Very Austen Christmas · Barbara Cornthwaite · Book Love · Book Promotion · Robin Helm · Wendi Sotis

Not today, Nekked Guy!

It’s kind of sad when a full-price book beats a 99-cent nekked guy –but we have! At least, we have for today. I’m good with that! Fame is all too fleeting, but love endures. And A Very Austen Christmas is a book that love built. Robin, Wendi, Barbara and I wrote these stories out of friendship… Continue reading Not today, Nekked Guy!

A Very Austen Christmas · Barbara Cornthwaite · New Book Release · Robin Helm · Wendi Sotis

Celebrating our Christmas anthology!

Here it is, just in time for the holidays: A Very Austen Christmas. It’s a book, a real book. I know, right? I always say this (like I’m Pinocchio or something) whenever a new release comes out. The thing is, it used to be nothing but ideas.  And now it’s something I can hold it in… Continue reading Celebrating our Christmas anthology!

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Celebrating ‘Understanding Elizabeth’

Rejoice with those who rejoice… (Romans 12:15) Oh, how I love behind-the scenes stuff! I am one who enjoys rehearsals, even when I’m not performing.  There’s just something about that crackle of creative energy. The writer in me ponders intelligent adjustments that are made to the script. And then there’s the laughter and camaraderie of… Continue reading Celebrating ‘Understanding Elizabeth’

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Day 19: Meet Robin Helm, bibliophile

That’s what today’s prompt asks for: a “true bibliophile.” I didn’t have to go far to find one because my blogging pal fits the bill nicely. In Robin Helm’s own words, here is how an avid reader comes to be. <><><> Reading has fascinated me since I was old enough to understand words. I am the… Continue reading Day 19: Meet Robin Helm, bibliophile