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Hound Dog Love

Alas, I am that teacher, the one who makes 7th grade students cry. I don't use my rapier wit or sarcasm, tempting as those weapons are... No, I have them read a book about a boy and his beloved dogs, a story told from the heart. "Why?" students lament. "Why do you make us read this?" … Continue reading Hound Dog Love

Simple Pleasures

Come Along Inside

Poor Rat! Poor Mole! To be freezing in the snow, having to encounter the grouchy, fearsome Badger. Would he give them a scold? Bar the door against their need? "O Badger," cried the Rat, "let us in, please. It's me, Rat, and my friend Mole, and we've lost our way in the snow." "Why, Ratty,… Continue reading Come Along Inside

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Stop and linger over spring?

Signs of spring are rushing past, but I am busy with my class... Isn't that the way life is? How much we miss! I captured some gentle springtime lovelies on my walk home yesterday. Small wonders in a park and neighbors' yards. I could have passed right by. Will beauty prompt me to linger next… Continue reading Stop and linger over spring?

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Day 23: Captain O’Manly and me

That's his name: O'Manly. And he's a pirate. I know, right? But the prompt asks which of my characters I'd like to meet up with, and he immediately came to mind. It has to do with the twinkly blue eyes and the wide smile. And the outrageous name he chose for himself. The swashbuckling thing appeals… Continue reading Day 23: Captain O’Manly and me

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A writer, not a wroter

The fireside for the Cricket Writer, The wheatstack for the Mouse, When trembling night-winds whistle And moan all round the house... (With apologies to William Allingham and his "Robin Redbreast") On this dark and rainy winter's day, I am home alone. After a week of teaching talk-talk-talk, the silence of a quiet house--with only the… Continue reading A writer, not a wroter

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Ahh, Christmas Break…

Finals, long hours at work, and Christmas celebrations have taken their toll on Ben. Can you relate? Christmas Break. Time to indulge in simple pleasures. Today is my last school day for 2014. On Monday I will put on my Writer Hat.