Back in the saddle and writing!

Isn't this the best comic? When I'm up and writing, this is exactly how it is. So I'm home from my travels. This means I'm free to return to the bewitching online world. Hooray! But there's a catch. I can stay here only as long as I write. No words, no Internet. Because it's summer … Continue reading Back in the saddle and writing!

Coffee, the writer’s friend

It's Snark Monday, and you might have noticed that this post did not come up first thing. There's a reason for that. I write Monday's post early Saturday morning, and on Saturday we had no coffee. No coffee? A trip to Costco fixed that, but still. A morning without coffee? Is that possible? I am … Continue reading Coffee, the writer’s friend

O the Wit ‘o the Writing Irish

Top 'o the morning to you! It's both Monday and St. Patrick's Day---what better time to share useful Irish wit regarding life and writing? You know I have to slant everything toward writing. My students roll their eyes. But they love these Irish proverbs just the same. "You'll never plow a field by turning it … Continue reading O the Wit ‘o the Writing Irish

This Dorothy never was in Kansas

Oh, the struggle of first-draft writing! Sometimes I get stuck simply because I hang out with authors who write so exceptionally well. And I kind of don't, at least not at first. The late Dorothy L. Sayers---English crime writer, playwright, classical language translator, and Christian apologist---is one of my favorites. She also has a delightful … Continue reading This Dorothy never was in Kansas

The power of the “Atta Girl”

You know what? As a teacher of fiction writing I don't exactly tick all the boxes. I procrastinate when grading papers. I change my mind about assignment deadlines. I don't have written lecture notes. My pasted-together "textbooks" are so fat they're laughable, being stuffed with quotations and articles. That other people have written, not me. … Continue reading The power of the “Atta Girl”

C.S. Lewis had it Write

Reading C.S. Lewis is like having coffee with a friend who is really smart. And very, very well read. A thinking Christian, Lewis is profound, articulate and, at the same time, quite down to earth. What he says in a few words is a lot. Here are some of my favorite Lewis quotes about writing: … Continue reading C.S. Lewis had it Write

Writers are such kittle cattle

It's Snark Monday (where I share a quotation that has made me smile). Here we go! Kittle cattle: A group of people that are difficult to manage and inclined to be capricious. Ah, yes. "Writers are such kittle cattle." (I'm writing Mrs Bennet this morning, and you know how fond she is of italics.) When … Continue reading Writers are such kittle cattle