Here’s to the Brain Helpers

It's bad enough to stumble through life with a partially functioning brain. But have you noticed how many "Don't Forget Me" Helpers there are? You know, those "smart" devices with the tiny beeping alarms. Is it a text? Is it the security alarm? Are terrorists lurking with a bomb? No, it's an appliance. And it … Continue reading Here’s to the Brain Helpers

Ya wanna buy a book?

So an Amazon Author Page displays an author's hottest-selling titles first. For me this is A Very Austen Christmas and Darcy By Any Other Name. As expected, my newly re-launched So Rough a Course hasn't yet made it to a visible position.  So I used the arrow thingy to advance the cover images. And looky what I found. … Continue reading Ya wanna buy a book?

Be vulgar at your own risk!

A new crop of 7th graders now inhabits my classroom. They're coltish, talkative, and desperate to master the art of sarcasm. Uh-huh. They're not very good at it. I give them props for trying. Needless to say, they are no match for me. But if they'd like to take me on, hey, I'm game. "Bring … Continue reading Be vulgar at your own risk!

Documented “Teacher Burn”!

Apparently I am quite the source for 'shoe-leather' wisdom. You know, the practical, real-life kind. On this, our final day of school, Laurie, one of my 7th grade students, presented me with a framed commemoration of our year together. Alas, each of these gems has come rolling out of my mouth. Repeatedly. I never meant … Continue reading Documented “Teacher Burn”!

Have you met Mog?

This is way off-topic, but it's that kind of day. It's a celebration day--with mourning turned to joy--because all of my students passed their tests. Quarter 1 ends well! And while checking Facebook at lunch I discovered Mog and his commercial about Christmas sharing. So I'm passing it on to you. Just the thing for Friday … Continue reading Have you met Mog?

Day 30: Silver Screen Stuff & Nonsense!

If a Hollywood producer came knocking on my door with an offer to turn Darcy By Any Other Name into a movie and told me that I could call all the shots... How about this for the short list? Director: Kenneth Branagh Mr. Darcy: Chris Pine Mr. Collins: Jack Black Elizabeth Bennet: Kate Beckinsale The … Continue reading Day 30: Silver Screen Stuff & Nonsense!

Day 12: Nonfiction novels?

Is this even possible? Today's prompt says that it is. So... Meet the Mercy's Embrace novels as a nonfiction series! Here you will discover self-help at its finest. Miss Elliot plots and schemes, and now you can too! Because every woman should live as a Romance Heroine at least once in her life, right? If … Continue reading Day 12: Nonfiction novels?

It’s Caturday–I mean, Saturday!

The Facebook truism about cat photos is spot-on. Everybody loves cats! I've had more "Likes" for Onyx and Domino than for anything else I've shared. Unlike dogs (who are cheerful), cats express a variety of moods. Unabashed laziness, open scorn, purring contentment, tail-in-the-air disdain. We loves all of it! If only managing life's relationships were … Continue reading It’s Caturday–I mean, Saturday!

Why English Teachers Die Young

Tuesday, as my students read aloud these lame and painfully bad analogies, they laughed until they cried. This list is comprised of entries from, I think, the Bulwer-Lytton fiction contest. And it's as much fun today as when I first snagged it from the Internet years ago. I offer it in celebration of Friday. And … Continue reading Why English Teachers Die Young

The Old, the New, the Remodeled, the Working

Something Old: One loved-to-death Kindle It's stuck on The Hunger Games. And because I took no other books on vacation, that's what I read on the train. Three times. Something New: A Kindle Fire HD (Displaying one of my books, of course.) Can it be that I'm an Early Adapter? My sons say I'm a … Continue reading The Old, the New, the Remodeled, the Working