It’s summer break. Time for a new Work-In-Progress novel!

After an "interesting" school year (thanks to Covid adjustments), I am finally free to work on a new Darcy and Elizabeth Regency romance. I'm gunning for an autumn release. In this one, Mr. Darcy is delightfully disagreeable, and poor Elizabeth finds herself falling for him. Take that, Mr. Wickham! She thinks Darcy is an ogre … Continue reading It’s summer break. Time for a new Work-In-Progress novel!

In It to WIN It—Preparing for NANOWRIMO (National Novel Writing Month)

After almost 40 days of daily blogging, last night I hit the wall and faltered. Today it’s Kristen Lamb to the rescue. This is just what I need to hear. Enjoy!

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Today we are going to talk about a GLORIOUS time of year—NANOWRIMO—which stands for National Novel Writing Month. It is meant to support creativity and encourage those who say they want to be authors to give it a go and write a novel (50,000 words) in a month. Notice the challenge is 50,000 words. No one said they had to be good words. Or publishable words. Or polished words. Or edited words.

This is actually why I believe Nanowrimo is very useful for all levels of writers. It trains out perfectionism. No half-finished novel ever made the NY Times best-seller list, but some crappy slightly-less-than-glorious novels have. The biggest threats to your finished novel (and mine) are Mr. It Must Be Perfect and his evil sister Editina.

Preparing for Nanowrimo

Have Fun and Fuel Up

Anyway, whoever chose November as National Novel Writing Month was seriously brilliant, because…

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Stuck? Demoralized? Here’s help and hope from Barbara Baig

"If we taught children to walk the way we teach them to write, they'd never learn." (Mark Twain) Some of you know that I have added a high school writing class to my teaching load this year. I have seven bright, motivated young men twice a week. I tell you what, these guys keep me … Continue reading Stuck? Demoralized? Here’s help and hope from Barbara Baig

Pause …

It's been an odd week. Has the "Get-Your-Game-On" autumn hustle caught up with everybody? Because it's quiet. Not a serene, contemplative quiet. A tired out, can't-take-another-step quiet. Around here students and teachers are succumbing to colds. Very few are showing up at the gym. There are maybe three posts on my (usually busy) writing group's … Continue reading Pause …

Death be not Proud

DEATH be not proud, though some have called thee Mighty and dreadfull, for, thou art not soe, For, those, whom thou think'st, thou dost overthrow, Die not, poore death, nor yet canst thou kill mee. From rest and sleepe, which but thy pictures bee, Much pleasure, then from thee, much more must flow, And soonest … Continue reading Death be not Proud