Turning a (Scary) Page

So tomorrow is the first day of school and I, with summer writing goals unmet (never mind that they were, like, way too ambitious), have taken a big step: I've joined a writing group. Like, a pay-for-membership writing group. People who mean business, coaching that is serious and focused and professional, writing group. In other … Continue reading Turning a (Scary) Page

For me, an Oxymoron?

For teachers on a traditional school calendar---that is to say, lazy teachers like me who put off preparations until the last desperate moment---Labor Day means not rest but work! That's okay, I've got it covered. I call this The Immersion Plan. See, I jump in with both feet, over my head, and do everything at … Continue reading For me, an Oxymoron?

A Blog To Call My Own

A website of my own I have already. It's professional, nicely impersonal, and requires no maintenance. But according to industry gurus, that's not not enough. I need something with new and interesting material, with personality and pizazz. (Tired I can do, but pizazz?) Which brings me to this blog, now three days old. If you're … Continue reading A Blog To Call My Own