Weekend Writing Warriors #18

  Step-by-step is how we scale a mountain. Chapter-by-chapter is how we build a book. Forward march, Weekend Writing Warriors. We can do this! So I have this little progress meter living quietly on the sidebar.  It's kick to update it each weekend. That percentage is growing! As Only Mr. Darcy Can 19052 / 80000 … Continue reading Weekend Writing Warriors #18

Weekend Writing Warriors #17

Coming to your inbox ... from BookBub! It's my first solo BookBub feature. Today's the DAY! Excited any? You bet. Readers are not only downloading the book, but they are also buying the other two in the series. Happy-happy-happy dance! Okay, deep breath. On to the business at hand. Here is this week's Weekend Writing Warriors snippet, … Continue reading Weekend Writing Warriors #17

Weekend Writing Warriors #16

  The school year has begun! It takes several weeks for teachers to get our game on. I'm hanging in there! Here is this week's Weekend Writing Warriors snippet, taken from As Only Mr. Darcy Can, my Pride & Prejudice romantic romp. So Elizabeth Bennet has received another of those mystery Valentines, this time on the day … Continue reading Weekend Writing Warriors #16

Weekend Writing Warriors #15

  Well, it's the last weekend of summer break. To celebrate, I have a FREE eBook for you. More about that at the end of the post. Today's Weekend Warrior snippet is taken from from As Only Mr. Darcy Can, a Pride & Prejudice-based romantic romp. Miss Mary King has just inherited money from her … Continue reading Weekend Writing Warriors #15

Weekend Writing Warriors #14

My summer has been like ... zing!  A novella stood up and demanded to become a full-fledged novel. And my new Camp NaNo novel waved a white flag and asked to be my 2020 anthology novella. Because of So This Is Love's about-face, I had to come up with something new.  Thus Sir Walter Takes a Wife, at … Continue reading Weekend Writing Warriors #14

Weekend Writing Warriors #13

Huzzah! It's time to put on the writer hat -- because summer is officially here. Or it will be, once I put the finishing touches on the report cards this afternoon. Thus a weary teacher is transformed into an intrepid writer.  There isn't a moment to waste, not this summer! And speaking of writing ... ... here … Continue reading Weekend Writing Warriors #13

Weekend Writing Warriors #12

Writing a book is kind of like riding a bike. It's all about forward momentum, keeping words and ideas flowing. If you stop, you fall over. Bam! It's May, and I'm a teacher. Right now I'm focused on survival ... yes, and finishing well. The school year first, and then the book. But this weekly blog … Continue reading Weekend Writing Warriors #12

Weekend Writing Warriors #11

Word by word, sentence by sentence, we writers construct a story.  Finally, at long last -- after WAY more work than we anticipated -- it is finished. Formatted, edited, proofread, with a cover and everything. A book, a real book. And then, sometimes, we encounter Book Selfies. Whether sent by readers or taken ourselves, how we linger … Continue reading Weekend Writing Warriors #11

Weekend Writing Warriors #10

A beguiling path beckons ... rather like an intriguing story premise. We follow, hesitantly at first. Just for a bit, just to see where the path might lead. Ah, but if the story is well-told, we are soon "all in" ... turning pages with delight and anticipation.  Because we simply must know what is around the … Continue reading Weekend Writing Warriors #10

Weekend Writing Warriors #9

    April showers bring May flowers ... and the weekend brings out the Warriors!  Ten lines from a work-in-progress: As Only A Woman Can, my Pride & Prejudice romantic romp. With apologies to Robert Burns, whose beloved poem Darcy has seriously mauled ... Later in the week another Valentine arrived for Elizabeth. Among the riot of … Continue reading Weekend Writing Warriors #9