NEW for Christmas: Step Lively, Mr. Darcy

Your friends from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice are back for a delightful romantic romp: Step Lively, Mr. Darcy.

Elizabeth’s mother has lied.
Now the horrible Thorpes have come for Christmas!

No matter that the fib is an old one, Elizabeth Bennet’s cousins are certain that she is an heiress. Is not the Bennet’s prosperous estate evidence enough? There is a fortune to be had through marriage, and John Thorpe is hungry for it.

Repelling the man’s advances is only one of Elizabeth’s troubles. John’s sister has a devious plan to become the next mistress of Longbourn. And then there is Jane’s future to consider. Nothing can be allowed to stand in the way of her happiness!

Fitzwilliam Darcy knows exactly why his friend is keen to have Christmas at Netherfield, and her name is Jane Bennet. He agrees to spend one week with Bingley, no more. The lovely Elizabeth will be dangerously nearby. But surely nothing can happen within a single week!

Then Darcy discovers that Elizabeth is badly in need of rescue. What else can he do but lend a hand? Darcy needs to watch his step, however. His foolish heart is all too eager to tumble headlong into love.

What pre-release readers are saying about Step Lively, Mr. Darcy

“My goodness, this version of Darcy is absolutely thrilling.”

J’adore a funny Darcy.  It takes all of his other attributes and just magnifies them.”

Heaven on a plate. Love it!”

“Seriously, I think that this may be one of my favoritest Darcy iterations.”

“Enjoying your story very much.”

“Really enjoying your story and love the Darcy and Elizabeth banter.”

“So, so funny and well-written.”

“The chase is on! I have loved reading this tonight! What a great story!”

“Oh wow!  Love this Darcy!”


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